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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dirty Water, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Dirty Water

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    Has anyone had to jimmy a timers lock because the homeowner locked the timer and wasn't home?

    Just curious to know if one timer key fits all, because I've never tried. I have unlocked them with a combination of my leatherman and irritool.
  2. Planter

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    On the newer clocks the Hunter and Rainbird keys interchange. They open many of the older clocks also. We have commercial properties that have installed their own locks and we open them the same way the tenants/vandals do, with a screwdriver. We also keep a set of small bolt cutters in the trailer for "tamper resistant" locks. :D
  3. jerryrwm

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    Get two keys - CH751 and HL238. These keys will open 98% of the controllers out there. (Plus several truck toppers and boat lockers.)

    The Source (Used to be R-Co Parts) sells a key ring with about 35 keys on it. It has keys that fit controllers that were obsolete before you were born Jon. If I remember it was around $40.00. Check with an irrigation supply house - Ewing, John Deere, etc and they should be able to track them down.

    For the controllers that have special locks, or padlocks, or that are inaccessible, and no one is home, we charge a trip charge and reschedule. I'll call before I leave to see if they can arrange for me to get to the controller. Not going to cut a lock to get into a controller. There is no emergency that would warrant that as I see it. If the water is continually running, I'll shut the water off at the backflow. If it isn't running at all and their turf or plants are dying, then I'll come back when I can get to the box. But I'm to damn old to hop fences to get to a controller, and won't mess with non-standard lock.

  4. SprinklerGuy

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    I have a set of those I'll sell you for 25 bucks....including shipping...now that I am in colorado...i don't need too many keys..all timers are indoors....

    sprinklersolutions at msn dot com
  5. Critical Care

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    Unlocking the controller box is one issue, unlocking garages or buildings to access controllers is another issue.

    In my grounds maintenance line of work I find it very difficult to communicate with some homeowners, mostly the elderly lot, about the need to have access to their controller. For some people, the idea of someone else having access to their property is sacreligious.

    I think from now on I'll insert a sentence or clause in my contracts mentioning that they are responsible to provide access and/or keys to the controller.
  6. sheshovel

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    I have them make me a key so I can get acsess to the controller if I need it.If I do work for them I have a key...mostly cuz I do alot of vacation homes and no one is there.I have a whole keyring FULL of clients garage and shed keys.In fact,I don't even know where 1/2 of them go to anymore.Or I ask that they be home,or leave me a key or leave unlocked and I lock up when done.
  7. MikeK

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    For what it's worth, the Hunter ICC and Pro - C outdoor controller key open a Toro Vision 2 outdoor controller. Just found it out last week when I was in the same situation

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