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    what are you guys using for timers? x-10 is giving me trouble. I need a gatronomical time that changes it's own start times with the seasons. I have no time and can't take these pain in the neck phone calls. Something simple none of that plug in stuff that turns each transformer on alone. I want to switch em all together, no more fooling around. It's gotta be cheap and effective. Forget about running wires or any of that fancy lutron crestron mumbo jumbo stuff. What else do you have. my distributor looks at me like I have 2 heads.
  2. niteliters

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    what would you consider an inexpensive fix?
  3. treedoc1

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    I use a photocell to turn on at dusk, will change with the seasons, timer will turn off if you don't want it on all night.
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    It sounds like you want what everybody wants, the perfect product for almost nothing. I want that!!

    I usually use a photo control and digital timer. I am Thinking about X10 pro for multi transformer use. In that instance, I would install a phase coupler to make sure all went well with the system.
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    Hot Shot - I think you mean an astronomical timer. :) In my experience they do not plug into a timer, and are sensitive to extreme temperatures. To me, that means they must be mounted inside the home, in place of a standard switch, and wired to the outdoor GFCI. No problem on a single transformer project with a tech-savy client. Can you imagine THOSE phone calls! UGH!

    I'm looking for a similar solution. I many many previous installs with multiple transformers. In some cases a hundred feet away from the house. I've no direct experience with x-10 but have heard enough bad feedback to stay away from it.

    Does anybody have experience with Powerline Carrier Systems (PLC)?

  6. SamIV

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    Funny this thread has come up. Spoke with someone at Intermatic about this issue last week. He advises me that they have one in the works that is designed for use in low-volt lighting and may be out this summer. As to now the only timer as Mike has spoken of is their SS8C which is very prone to failure. I do have a property which has 1 that has been in use now for over a year now without failure. Actually has three of these timers but I have already replaced 2 of them. Their engineers are aware of the return rate on this timer which is about to be replaced by another but is still not rated for outdoor use.

    They have another astronomical timer (V45471) but it is mechanical, comes in a painted metal cabinet and has to be hard wired. Claims that it will hold up very well outdoors, but also has a suggested retail of well over $200.00.

    Sam IV

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