Times when you say, REALLY?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wegomow, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Now don't go getting all the "baggies are legitimate advertising and I got thousands of accounts from them" crowd all stirred into a lather.
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    I had another landscaping company do the flyer in a bag with a rock in my neighborhood at my parents house, where I live since Im 19. I found one in the driveway, three in the bed of my truck... its lettered with my company name, and theres a nice sign for my company out front. Some people dont realize you wont get the yard where the other guy lives.
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    Had a lady in a really nice neighborhood that I used to cut for, she had a beautiful St. Augustine lawn but wanted me to cut it at 1 1/2 inches!!! REALLY?!?! I told her at least 3 inches....well, the "customer is always right" so I mowed it down to 1 1/2 inches and then she complained because her grass didnt look as green and nice as her neighbors St. augustine grass....that was the last time we were allowed to go cut there :laugh: :laugh: Hate to say I told her so....
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    Aim high huh? All the high end lawn services are doing it.
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    Do you still have her as a customer?
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    I just had a Home Advisor lead who wanted a spring clean-up, a LAKE SYSTEM start-up, and us to apply HIS fertilizer. The following email is my response after we told him no on the fert, so he decided not to use us for the cleanup...


    That great to hear! We will go ahead and get you in the system then give you a call to schedule the service. The start-up is $75. The pricing for sprays and rotors is right around your numbers. Ill double check on that for you.

    I'm sorry to hear you chose another service for your clean-up. It is not at all that we did not want to apply your fertilizer, it is that we can not do it. We purchase a very specific blend, from a specific distributor. We know that when we apply our product, we can do so in good faith knowing that the product is matching the company's high standards. It also ensures that the product performs as expected every time. As lawn care professionals, fertilizer is a big deal for us and we choose to only use the best of the best. Thank you in advance for understanding.


    This guy seems like a huge PIA, so Im not looking forward to doing his sprinkler system. :(
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    Last year about July, one of my customer's that I've had for 5 years (has the best looking lawn in her cul-de-sac) starts bitching when I dropped off her invoice that she can still see some of the "dots" (fertilizer granules) on her lawn and that she's going to hire Scotts lawn care to do her fertilizer because they spray liquid fertilizer. I explain to her that it is slow release granular fertilizer and is best for her lawn because it's the middle of summer and she doesn't have an irrigation system. After some more himming and hawing, the she says ok that's fine, keep doing it, you're doing a good job and the lawn does look great. A week later, she comes by my house and drops off the check (in a sealed envelope, she usually doesn't do that). After she leaves, I open it and it's only made out for the monthly mowing minus the price for the fert application. I immediately call her and leave her a message. She tells me that she's going to hire Scott's lawn care and she doesn't want to pay me for the fertilizer. I tell her that I applied the fertilizer on her lawn that I paid for and it's the same program I've been doing for years, I also told her that I've already applied fertilizer so if Scott's comes she's going to have a double dose and possibly burn the yard. A few days later when I was mowing, I see a Scott's lawn flag. she comes outside and hands me a check for the fert and says she doesn't want to talk about it. The next few weeks were hell with excessive top growth due to a double fertilizer application. I go on the rest of the season just mowing it.

    Fast forward to about a month ago, I'm making my rounds in the neighborhood scalping all the dormant bermuda and she comes by walking her dog and asks when I'm doing hers. I tell her she's on the schedule for later this week. She says ok good, Well I have Weeds everywhere in my lawn, when are you going to spray? I tell her that I didn't do any pre-emergent in the fall or doing any winter time spraying because she hired Scotts last season and explained the situation. She says, I never hire Scotts lawn service, you're the only one I've ever hired. I said, yes you did I specifically remember our conversation, the Scott's lawn flags, and excessive growth for weeks. She says, no she's never hired anyone else. I told her she has weeds because she missed my Fall/winter Pre-emergent, January spot spray, and February Pre-emergent app and 3-way app. She says ok, well come by and spray everything and do everything you normally do because you do such a good job. She said, I'll gladly pay extra to get the weeds down.

    Either she's playing games, or in her old age, she's getting alzheimer's or something. One more stunt this season and I'm dropping her. She and her neighbor across the street are my only PITA customers in the neighborhood.
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    Yeah she is definetly senile one way or the other. She is either playing games just to screw with you, or because she has nothing better to do, or she has memory loss. Thats just crazy. Id put everything i could in writing, especially with her, if you dont already, and have her sign it. When the time comes, its hard to argue when you pull out the sheet with her signature, and ask her, "You still have your copy, right?" You could be out of some money, otherwise.
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    Ive got one.

    Just this past fall I came out to do a leaf removal and pinestraw for an elderly woman with a 1 acre lot. We had already talked about this of course, and agreed on a price.

    I get out there and my guys start firing up the blowers and I fire up the mower with the bagger, and after about 10 minutes she come out waving her hands at my guys and raising hell. I shut off the mower and walk over there, and she says "I dont want power equipment like that being used at my house. It gets dust all over everything." I say, "Its the best method, Ive been doing this for a little over 4 years". She says, "There aint nothin wrong with a good ole rake. Rakes do a better job. My husband used to get out here and rake when he was alive." I say "Maam, there aint nothing wrong with a good ole rake, but the good ole rake with cost you waaay more. If you are concerned with the dust, we can use the power equipment, and then pressure wash you whole house, and it will STILL be cheaper than using a rake." I told her how much it would cost to rake it, she about puked, which is what i would have expected.

    She said, "Well ill find someone that will rake it. This will not work out, thanks for coming." I said, "Well you still owe us for the pinestraw and the furnishing fee, we will leave it here."

    I said REALLY? Whos gonna come out and rake a 1 acre lot? Who EXPECTS a lawn company to RAKE a ONE ACRE lot?? My god.

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