Times when you say, REALLY?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wegomow, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Last year I had a woman come screaming at me while I was mowing her yard because her baby was sleeping, I had only done the first outer pass she demanded I stop right then and go home... She then came screaming at me next day I was there and wanted to know how I had the nerve to do what I was doing coming to her house to mow two days in a row. I left the property again and they were billed in full for both mows and I never went back. The story goes much deeper than that but I didn't want to drag along
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    That's funny.

    I had something similar.

    We were cleaning up old pieces of rip rap a previous owner of a property thought was nice and had around her yard.

    The estate wanted us to clean it up to help the place sell. This house and the neighbors house was only 25 feet apart and we were parked in the drive in between.

    We weren't being obnoxious about putting the material in the back of my dump truck by hand, but it was probably echoing between the two houses.

    Neighbor comes out and politely asks us to try and keep it down while her daughter was taking a nap.

    I politely said we would try. But of course it was still noisy.

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    I had a bored, snotty, young housewife tell me this summer NOT to park on the road in front of her house because her little girl loved tractors so much she would freak out and not take her nap or something when we showed up. I just stood there dumbfounded, asked, "Well, where do you want me to park?"

    "Oh, someplace she can't see you out here." ... now, there is no where else to park where we can't be seen within 200 yards when servicing our customer nextdoor, so I just said "ok."

    And we've been parking in nearly the same spot ever since, about 10 ft. away. She caused this scene in front of another young neighborhood wife, surely to impress her by exerting some 'power' over the landscapers.
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    I think I recall hearing about this. :laugh:
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    If you seriously did not make that up that is probably THE funniest @#$ paragraph I have ever read in the entire time I've had the internet!


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    I swear it's the truth, but I did leave one thing out. The elderly lady was my aunt, the widow of a pentecostal minister...about the most proper lady you can imagine. So can you imagine my surprise? I really was speechless, which was probably a good thing.
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    that makes it even funnier. What do they say? "I swear you can't make this sh$% up!"

    "The plumber was the last one in, and knew how to get in"

    You're killin' me!
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    It was actually a very nice double-wide mobile home in a retirement community. I wasn't uncommon for her to call me for help since I only lived a couple of miles away and her kids were out of state. She did always wear long skirts that she sewed herself too, so when she said skirt I wasn't thinking about the trailer skirt. It just seemed so out of character for her. I never did let her know about the misunderstanding but my cousins got a kick out of it!
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    Here's one from today. A couple weeks ago, I went to a rental house for a landlord we do work for, and pruned up a palm tree that she wanted cleaned up. There was another tree in the backyard she wanted pruned, but that was scheduled for this upcoming Thursday. Anyhow, I got a call earlier today saying not to worry about the tree in the back... She said she has another LCO coming out to cut down the palm tree, and while they're at it, they're going to prune up the tree in the back too.
    Why did she want me to prune up this 40' palm tree when another company (that's more equipped for tree work) is going to come out and cut the whole thing down anyway?
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    Treat it nice...then kill it!!!!

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