Times when you say, REALLY?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wegomow, Jan 26, 2013.

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    One of mine comes from the agent for a property manager that I used to rent from. I no longer rent from them due to comments from her like "you can't park in front of your place to work on your equipment"!!! I rented one of those small 1000sf warehouse/office spaces in an industrial park strip center with about 6 of these in a row. She said that it made the place look bad when she brought potential renters by to look at the properties. It was crazy the stuff she would come up with.

    That's not the story though! I now rent from another place that is on the opposite side of a mutual parking lot from one of the buildings she runs. One of my guys was parked on "her" side of the parking lot and she freaked out about having problems with me even when I didn't rent from them anymore and proceeded to yell at me in the parking lot about bad business and such. I just told her to go to the owner of my building and talk to him. Later we had a good laugh about it.
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    I'm sure most if not all of you have dealt with this one....you can't mow now, the grass is too wet! Short of mowing when the ground is saturated and soft, if you have commercial equipment and know what you're doing you certainly can mow wet grass. Convincing customers of that can be more of a challenge than the mowing part. The funny thing is that I've asked several customers "why is that?" They just say, I don't know, I just always heard that. "Well, where did you hear that?" I don't know, it's just something I heard. "I'm sorry but I can't be running my business based on heresay"....puts on hearing protection and fires up mower.
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    "...can't mow wet grass..."

    It's an old-husband's tale -> to get out of working when there's a good ballgame on the TV. :laugh:
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    Another addition to the list today. A resident at a care home asked me "does moss grow on the dirt because people are urinating there?"
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    Cutting a tree today and the neighbor behind asks for some wood for her son. Ok, no problem. We stack it where the other wood was stacked in her yard. Then she comes out again and says can we move it all(our wood and her existing wood) up the hill and through the gate so it would be easier for her son to get.
    Me: Ok how much do you think is fair?
    Her: Oh no just move it real quick.
    Me: Nah, sorry lady. Can't.

    All the wood was 30" plus maple taking two guys to roll it
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    Hahahahahaha too funny :laugh:
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    I have to add one . A lady that i cut for a year said YOUR MOWERS TOO BIG, YOU GO TOO FAST, YOU CHARGE TOO MUCH, But the yard sure looks good when your done ! Continued for another year.
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    I had a customer call & complain that I brought moles into her back yard when I delivered & spred topsoil. I said let me get this right. 1st I had 10 ton topsoil dumped in her drive. Then I shoveled the top soil & in 1 of the scoopd was the mole, I then dumped, spread & raked the mole out with the topsoil. Seeded & strawed, & low & behold the mole stayed there in his new home.lol
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    I had a guy in town ask me to do a few hundred dollars worth of service then asked if he could pay later like months later. "It is not my job to make the service affordable, it is your job to be able to afford the service" ~Dave Thomas.
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    I was building a walkway from sidewalk to a house and my form kept filling up with water. After locating a leak in the neighbors water supply line, I showed the neighbor . She said her husband would be home soon and to show him. After showing him a non welded plastic fitting with water escaping, he said the vibration from my work 15 feet away caused the leak. What an idiot. Turns out he is a engineer at NASA as well as a pain in the ass for all the other neighbors.

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