Times when you say, REALLY?

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  1. BladeGunner

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    I had one customer come out while I was raking a pile of leafs and this was his exact words, "You are not supposed to pick up the leafs, you have to leave them there and that's what you should do on all of the other houses you cut".....I understood that he just wanted me to leave the leafs alone so they could naturally compost on his yard but he had no business telling me how to maintain my other customers yards.
  2. BladeGunner

    BladeGunner LawnSite Member
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    One time I was mowing a yard and my customers neighbor walks out and she says " Hey, when are you gonna come over and do me?".
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  3. Toro 455

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    Yeah, he could have said it better. There is a campaign to keep lawn waste out of landfills. Composting leaves back into the lawns is good for the lawns and keeps them out of landfills.

    I dunno how it is in SoCal, but here in Ohio you have to mulch them up with the mower. If they're really thick you have to put them in a compost heap. Then you need to watch the soil acidity and maybe add some lime.

    It ain't as simple as "just leave the leaves".
  4. zechstoker

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    Unless you're intentionally trying to kill someone's lawn :nono:
  5. Yardvark-Lawns

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    Time for my first post! This thread is epic.

    The two best ones I've had to date are:

    -One of my customers didn't like "looking out her windows and seeing lines in the lawn", and wanted us to mow her lawn in circles.

    -I had somebody walk up to me at a job, compliment us on the work we were doing and request a quote because "my current idiots don't do nearly as good a job as you guys". Then she gave me her address, she was an existing customer of ours that I'd only ever spoken with on the phone. Boy, was she embarrassed.

    The same customer also called in later that year to complain that we were "doing too thorough of a job", and felt that we shouldn't be spending as much time on her property as we were.

    This just goes to show, no matter how hard you try, you can't please everyone.
  6. zechstoker

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    Here's one from yesterday...

    So I was back at the cattle ranch, almost finished with the service, and the rancher comes out saying to me "my wife wanted to know why you cut down all the yellow flowers around the pastures and corral. I told her: Because nobody told him not to. Maybe next time, you can just take that string trimmer, and buzz down the taller stuff in between. We'll see how that looks, and go from there I guess."

    The area he's talking about is the mow strips that line his pastures and loop around the corral. It's all grass and dandelions (the broadleaf weeds) that he has me mow down to 2 inches everytime I'm out there. Sooo... He wants me to walk the whole area, and selectively cut the tall stuff without disturbing the weeds that are all throughout the turf grass? Seriously??? :hammerhead:
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    I had a neighbor ask me for a quote on his yard while his current LCO was mowing the yard.
  8. Darryl G

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    I had a customer come running out complaining that I cut some of her Buttercups that were in the lawn. I told her there were plenty left and if she wanted to save them she should go pick them. She did, lol.
  9. mikesturf

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    I aerated a lawn, called them the following year to see if they wanted it done again. They said the holes you left in my lawn caused grubs.
  10. zturncutter

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    I thought I paid you already, they say this every month and then pay online by credit card same day I send the late notice. :hammerhead:

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