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Timing Dots


LawnSite Member
I Have found the timing dot on the crank gear for my mower B & S 3.75 hp. but the cam gear is plastic and has casting marks every 90 degrees and various other markings including a clock pointed at 10 and a half cylindrical cut out. i dont see a small dot like the one on the metal crank gear so what is my next step.


LawnSite Fanatic
This is not your exact model but the top two shows what the timing mark looks like, It's the only pic I have on hand.



LawnSite Member
the figure 8 picture is the closest one and i figured it out already. On my specific model if anyone else ever asks on the plastic cam gear there is a half cylindrical indention and on the inside edge of the gear beneath that indention is a small tab that sticks out. it aligns perfectly with the dot on the metal gear on the crankshaft. Thanks for your help. now i have to go fix the rod i threw. oh yeah are there flat bearings on the inside edge of the rod where it connects to the crankshaft? when i put it all together it was a bit loose. I say a "bit" loosely about a 16th all the way around. i knew better but i have blond moments. so was that just excessive wear or should there be something inside of there because it did not appear worn almost at all but there wasn't anything else in there when i took it apart.