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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smcunningham, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. smcunningham

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    ]How many weeks prior to the start of the season do you distribute your flyers for the best turn out. I live in maryland,I know for diff states its going to be diff...thats why I asked in weeks but if yourr from northern vir,dc or maryland what week and month?????????????????
  2. topsites

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    Spring is the absolute busiest season, what doesn't get made in $$$ in spring is forever lost (not to be a pessimist, but).

    In Virginia, I start 2-3 FULL weeks before april's first tuesday.
    It's kinda weird sounding, but my ad comes out on a tuesday...
    Now if that tuesday falls on april 2-3 or even the 4th, then 2 weeks prior to that...
    But if the first tuesday were to fall on the 5th or the 6th, then I'd kick it to 3 weeks prior.

    Although those first 2 weeks tend to be mostly a waste of advertising money, what I do know is if you miss the BIG BANG by even a day, every day you miss it is money lost that you can not recover the rest of the year. Looking at it from the flipside, the money that is wasted is well worth catching the BIG BANG as soon as it hits the fan.

    Because, while it costs me close to $100 / week in advertising costs, every super-busy day I can gross $300-$400, so I make sure to rise early.
    Being that you're further up north a bit, I wouldn't postpone it more than ONE week beyond when I start, IMO.
    Or you can start at the same time, wouldn't hurt except you might not get many calls at first.
  3. Richard Martin

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    In Maryland I'd shoot for about 1 to 2 weeks before the Cherry Blossoms bloom down at the Capitol. The grass always starts growing about the same time as the Cherry trees bloom and you want your flyer to be in their hands and fresh in their memories when the grass starts to grow. If you give them the flyers too early they may loose them before the season starts and if you wait too long they may hire someone who didn't wait.
  4. StBalor

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    I start passing out flyers march 1st. Thats about 4 1/2 weeks before the mowing season begins. This is why. start passing them out early cause if you wait to long something will always come up and you never get out as many flyers as you like. Work will start coming in, you will be giving estimates, people you already mow for will be calling to have some clean-up done it's always something to stop you from passing those flyers out. so start a little early, especially if you plan on passing out alot. Cause once mowing season starts, you will not have time to do it.
  5. smcunningham

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  6. Uranus

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    We start mowing, or atleast checking the lawns for growth the third week of April up here in Mass. I run an add for 8 weeks in the local paper starting the first full week in March and ending the last week of April. I may run it a week or 2 longer this year cuz I find that the people call you when they need you around here. So if they need a cut the last week of April or even the first week of May they may miss my add.

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