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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yako, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. yako

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    Ive been doing hardscapes for about 6 years and am new this year to lawn maintenance. 1 question I havent seen an answer for is the timing with customers irrigation. Do you tell customers to schedule the sprinklers for a certain time or do you cut and it might be wet.
  2. BW4486

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    I would inform them that the two best times to irrigate are early morning and late afternoon. (preferably early morning ) but most home owners like to see their sprinklers running just so they know there aren't any problems. and offer to set them at one of those times. Most customers will comply.
  3. dfor

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    I use to tell them. Half my customers with irrigation are idiots. Some still water after we get 2" of rain in one week. But to answer your question, yes let them know when you think is a good time for them to water and when isn't.
  4. Jason Rose

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    I agree, most customers are idiots when it comes to irrigation. No clue to turn it off, and if they do they forget to turn it back on before the grass dries up and blows away... I try to make it a practice to always be at a certian house on a certian day, a schedule, that way the timer can be set to NOT water on the day I mow. There is not much more madding than pulling up to a house and seeing the sprinklers running. One wasted trip. I will leave a note on their door everytime this happens, and it's very to the point that thet CAN NOT water on the scheduled day that I mow, unless they do it after I am done.

    Also I try to control as many of their timers as I can. I let them know, or ask them if I can set it for them (providing it's in the garage or on the house) that way as I need to I cna adjust it while i'm there for dry or wet wether. I usually won't shut one off due to rain because I'm not able to get back to that property for another 7 days. It's their electric or water bill, if they want to save $ they can shut it off, I just adjust it so the lawn isn't drowning or getting too dry.
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    I used to live in Troy in a normal subdivision.
    I had my timers set to water 2x a week.
    I put empty tuna cans in the lawn and measured how long it took to fill the cans. They are just over an inch in height.
    1 inch a week of water is good for your area.

    If it took one hour to fill the cans, I knew to set the timer to 30 minutes on Monday and 30 minutes on Friday pre zone.

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