Timonium turf show YAWN

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
Well I attended my first turf show today and all I can say is I hope the other shows around the country are better. There were some neat things there like the Walker turbine leaf blower. It will blow a 6 pound rock 112 feet. The only trimmers and blowers that were there were Robin. The mower contingent was led by Dixie and Toro. Exmark had a new ECS hydrowalk and a Lazer Z HP 48-18. The ECS feels good. Demos were not given by anybody. The Cub Cadets (MTD Pro) were there and they are sporting some real military looking paint schemes. Encore was there as was the Encore clone Husqarvarna. JD brought a hydrowalk and a ZTR and Scag had one mower there, the Tiger Cub. Grasshopper had a outfront and a ZTR. Bobcat made a showing with walkbehinds and a ZTR. Toro brought just about everything they had handy and there must have been about 15 red shirts walking around. Dixie brought 6 mowers and they had a lot of lookers.

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