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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SEKscag, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. SEKscag

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    Hey guys i'm just curious if anyone has SUCCESSFULLY made a tine rake dethatcher somewhat like JRCO's. I have a full shop, tools, welders, etc.. I'd like to try before I spend like 400 bucks for theirs. Any pics would be of great use too.. Hope you guys can help.
  2. DEEJ

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    The tough part is not the building of it I suspect. The hard part would be acquiring and forming the spring steel for the actual tines.

    I use a very simple device that works amazingly well. It is called the Estate Rake. It is a 48" version of the large pull behind hay rakes.

    It is quite unbelieveable how well this works. It windrows the grass to one side. I keep pushing the windrow across the lawn as I go. In the end it is light and loose and very easy to rake into piles and pick up. I then use the Lazer and Accelerator to go over the whole lawn and get the loose stuff laying on top. Between what the rake loosens and what the Lazer picks up, one 2 acre lawn produces mountains of thatch.

    Here is a link.


  3. SEKscag

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    I'll check that out thanks!!.. I found some pretty flexible tine teeth, that are basically replacements for a pull behind tractor dethatcher. If I get one built I'll post some pics.
  4. PaulJ

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    I think part of the jrco rakes success is that the teeth are loosely mounted. They move around some as they spring back and forth thus loosening more thatch. I don't believe that rigidly mounted teeth would do the job as well. The estate rake is a good idea but you still have to pick up the thatch.

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