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Tip for when sprinklers are on


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Just realized some people don't know this.. if you show up to a job and the sprinklers are on.. you can always just shut them off from finding the water valve on the side of the house. Just remember to turn it back on when your done.

Jason Rose

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wacamaster said:
you can always just shut them off from finding the water valve on the side of the house.
Well I don't know what kind of cookie cutter everything-and-every-house-is-the-same world you live in... But HERE I have no 2 systems are the same. Shutoffs can be in the ground in a valvebox that hasn't been opened in 5 years (meaning it's likely filled in with dirt). Or the shutoff is in their basement... About half of the ones I service have wells just for the sprinklers, usually on older homes the pump and well is also in the basement, if it's newer it's outside but of course there are no shut off valves because there is no pressure tank. The only way to shut off a running system is to have access to the controler, which is also usually in the garage, or pray for a sudden power outage...

Sprinklers can be a PITA when you get a customer who's too dence to understand that when I tell them to not water on X day, that's what I mean! I have even SET controlers to not water on X day, told the owner that I did that, they tell me that's great! Lo and behold 3 weeks later it's running on my mowing day again.

Can't mow while they are on. Not making a special trip back to their house in the afternoon. So it just grows. Left a note 2 weeks ago. Sprinklers were still on the next week. This time I called and left a message. No responce. I have a feeling that they don't want me to mow anymore but don't have the guts to just say that... So it goes unmowed for 3 weeks now. Sprinklers run 7 days a week starting at 8am and run till almost noon.


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Why can't you mow when they're on??

If it's out of the way, and I'm not going to be back in the area any time too soon, hurry up and mow the areas that haven't already had the sprinklers running, then trim, and by that time, either the first zone is already done and drying, or you can just mow around where the sprinklers are running.

It's no different than trying to squeeze in lawns in the spring inbetween all the rain.


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Central Florida
My solution for lawns that had the sprinklers on when I showed up was simple. I demanded the customer let me have control of the system so it would not happen again :p Kidding, of course. I did not "demand" it but I do set 95% of my customers' irrigation systems. In the rare event that something has gone haywire at newer homes with city water, I just shut down their back flow valve if I can not get to the controller. Almost all of them have back-flow prevention on the irrigation side only, so it does not affect the water in the building. Customers that do not stay at the residence all year or businesses generally have their controllers outside. It has been a long time since I had one that I could not override in a matter of a couple minutes. Picking up water hoses at customers' homes that do not have sprinkler systems is a much bigger nuisance.


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Why are these people irrigating their lawn during the day when you would be mowing anyway? Most of my clients either set theirs for the early morning, before 8 AM or after 7 PM. I find that those times work well for me and the homeowner.


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O'Fallon, Mo.
i cut a villa community of 102 homes and it never fails , some (about 10 ) idiots always has thier spinkler on when i show up .