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Tip Of The Day - 10/20/05 - Weather

Sean Adams

LawnSite Gold Member
More of a question to think about than a tip....is the weather important to you in regard to keeping an eye on incoming storms, rain, etc... do you track it online or just rely on the news? Or do you just go out and do what you can until it rains? No need to answer...just something to think about


LawnSite Bronze Member
I always keep an eye on the weather although there is a saying here that goes... if you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes.

Right now I am thrilled with the weather. Long range is saying 15C all next week!!

There are a number of things we do because of weather.

If rain is in the forecast...

instruct guys to do whatever grading, seal (pack) the crush base on a patio, make sure everything is off the street and if that isn't possible have a trench along the curb side so the water can drain to the sewers. Move machines to accessible locations in case you have to move them out to another location.
In short...save whatever work you may be able to do in wet conditions and concentrate on the stuff that you can't. Remind the guys to make sure they have their rain gear.

this time of year ..... make sure your trucks are cleaned off at night because material starts freezing. Start a bit later than the usual 6am because it is darker and cold.

D & J Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
With Sprint for $5 bucks more a month I get a weather doppler on my cell phone just to see if it worth waiting to blow over


LawnSite Member
That's a great idea...what a tool! I'll see if Cingular offers the same thing. Thanks!