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Tip Of The Day - 10/27/05 - Picking Up New Accounts - Cheap or even FREE

Sean Adams

LawnSite Gold Member
I was speaking on the phone a couple of days ago to someone who was asking about starting a new business. One of the things we discussed was the possibility of buying routes or clients from other LCO's. Something I suggested, which we used to do all the time was write down the numbers of anyone selling commercial equipment. Whether it be in the newspaper, on eBay, or even on bulletin boards at your dealer, you will see people unloading equipment. There is a good chance that they are getting out of business. Give them a call, ask questions about the equipment and then ask why they are selling the equipment. Often times you will find out people are getting out of business and they are willing to sell or even give away their client base. Great way to pick up some clients...cheap, or even FREE.