Tip Of The Day - 10/5/05 - Being Different

Sean Adams

LawnSite Gold Member
As you are probably well aware, competition in this industry is popping up everywhere. With the discussions on this site about how easy it is to get into this industry, it makes sense that people everywhere are going to start a business and see what share of the market they can take.

It is your responsibility as a serious business owner to differentiate your service in any way possible. There has to be something unique about what you do and offer if you want to succeed. If not you will make it easier for the prospects to become tire kickers who are merely shopping for price - let's face it, if everyone is the same, the logical solution is to simply shop for the person/company who is going to do the work at the lowest price.

Your unique advantage has to be something people can see, understand and realize. It has to be something you can promote and brag about.