Tip Of The Day - 9/13/05 - $5 Milk Shake

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by Sean Adams, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    So this flies in the face of your cater to the cheapskate thread? The point is to have a $2.00 shake that tastes like a $2.00 shake and a $5.00 shake that tastes like a $5.00 shake.
    If someone wants a $15.00 mow, give them a $15.00 mow. No trim, no blow. If they want a $35.00 mow then it includes the trim, blow and maybe another extra. Squirt, fert, bush trimming etc. are always extra.
    If the $5.00 shake tastes better than the $2.00 shake, you are always going to have people who prefer the $2.00 shake cause it's cheaper. Never give them the $5.00 shake for $2.00 though.
  2. Davido

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    I figure the $5.00 shake has less to do with the taste than with the place. I don't mind a 2 dollar shake but I sure don't want to sit and relax at McDonalds to enjoy it. A 35 dollar mow should come with a "yes sir, have a nice day" rather than a grunt and a hand held out for money. Service, service, service...:) I got a tree service job solely due to the fact that the customer didn't like the looks of their previous service provider. Maybe it's not fair but don't we always tip the pretty cocktail waitress a lot better than the ugly one?
  3. jasonnau

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    I think the key word is "Presentation". Pull up in your 1979 rusty blue ford with your beat up mowers and trailor and try to sell them a higher priced cut, and pull up in your shiny new truck all lettered up with nice equipment and try the same. Let's see who gets the job. The $5 milkshake is sold in a cool place. Mcdonalds wouldn't go far with $5 milkshakes.

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