Tip Of The Day - 9/22/05 - Your Specialty

Sean Adams

LawnSite Gold Member
You need to find what your specialty is - no matter how specific it is - and communicate it to your target audience convincingly. If a prospect is looking to have a wall built on their property they are going to look at different companies that provide this service. If you were that prospect, which company would you hire....

Company #1 who advertises >>> mowing, trimming, edging, shrub trimming, tree removal, aeration, dethatching, overseeding, sod installation, pruning, gutter cleaning, walls built, grading, landscape design and installation, patios, hardscaping, and more....


Company #2 who advertises >>> Lawn & Landscape installation & maintenance services SPECIALIZING IN WALL CONSTRUCTION OF ALL KINDS - TIE WALLS, VERSA-LOK, STONE & MORE

It's just like anything else - you want an expert to handle your needs - someone who "specializes" in performing the service you need. It just makes you more confident that they know what they are doing, whereas company #1 appears to be "jack-of-all-trades"...