Tip Of The Day - 9/27/05 - Attitude or Experience?

Sean Adams

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When it comes to hiring someone in this industry there are a lot of things to consider. Maybe everyone will not agree with this but when it comes to hiring someone I will take someone with a 'great attitude' over someone with experience. I found over time that someone with a good attitude and the willingness to learn and grow can learn what they need to learn and will not cause the problems that usually lead to termination. Often times people with '"experience" were difficult to manage and were accustomed to doing things their way or the way of their previous employer and often did not want to change. Some of these "experienced" people also at times had "superiority complexes". Now obviously if you can find someone with a both a great attitude and experience, consider yourself lucky and hold on tight.


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you darn right. that guiy withthe great attitude will tkae alot of the load of your back if he is good enough and learns the job well. then pay em good and take care of him and he will do the same.


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and when their attitude is 'id rather be stoned' and their experince is pull the starter rope 30 times till you get off the mower and point out the 'on switch' AGAIN.....

how long does it take someone to catch on to trimming and mowing?

1 hour, 1 day, 1 week? is mowing something that anyone can do with some practice? are some people geneticly incapable of this work no matter how patient you are or how many days they practice? my experience... if they cant do it good, not fast, good within 5 minutes, send them packing. theyre no better 2 weeks later.