Tip to Stop Equipment Theft

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by landscaper22, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Since I had several pieces of equipment stolen from the back of my truck, in my back yard, as I slept one night last year, I needed a cool way to catch them in the act the next time someone came to pay me a visit....The best thing I came up with was this gadget I bought at Home Depot..It has a motion sensor that I mounted overlooking my trucks and trailers...and another piece that plugs into the wall in our bedroom that chimes when motion is detected. You can plug a lamp into it and the lamp will come on when motion is detected, but I don't do that. I wanted to catch the person not scare them away...Well after a year of having this unit, and after many false alarms from cats, dogs, deer, and the wind, it paid off a few weeks ago. The chime went off at 4 am one morning, I jumped up to look out the window, and my heart almost came out of my chest....There was a man walking around my trucks....Everyting was locked down, and he didn't have anything in his hands...so I watched him for a few moments as he walked toward my neighbors house...I then grabbed my gun and threw some pants on and went out....I didn't see him, so I came back in and called the Police...Well, some 20 min. later I finally saw a police car coming by...The guy had enough time to be across town by then!!! That's another story...

    If you have a home based business and need a good suggestion for security this unit is well worth it....I can't wait until next time!!! Someone out there knows what I have and I'm sure they are licking their lips in anticipation of all the meth they can buy with the money from my equipment.
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    They sell game cameras also that are cheap, that way you have proof to show the police. Also if you have a no tresspassing sign you can file charges on him just for being on your yard, even if he doesnt steal anything.
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    I have one mounted under my carport where I park my trailer. I don't use it during the summer though, simply because I have motion lights in front and back, I use it during the christmas season in case vandals try to sneak around. At that time (because of a lack of extra wireing) my motion lights are down when the christmas lights are off. My reason for being worried... I have thousnads of dollars in decorations outside!

    Yes, I too have jumpped out of bed because of false alarms, and I know there's a dog that runs my neghiborhood too, lol. I just need a gun too, because I know too well how pointless it is to call the cops!
  4. JayD

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    What is it called?
    What did it cost?
    And where can I find it in the store?
    Thanks for the info, cant wait to get one.
  5. landscaper22

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    I think the name brand was Heath Zenith. It was a two piece set with a motion sensor and a chime unit that comes with it. I tried to look it up on homedepot.com to give you a link, but didn't see the exact one I bought.

    It was in the lighting section with the motion lights. I paid like $35 I believe. Now they have just a sensor for like $15-20 but look for the box that comes with the two piece set. If I do find a link, I will post it. Keep in mind this was over a year ago..
  6. Runner

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    How do you hook it up to record? Does it somehow tie to a vcr, or digitally, or what? Does it record digitally right into the camera and is downloadable, or what?
  7. JayD

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    OK, thanks for the info. I will go look for this. I could have used this for many reasons.
  8. landscaper22

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    If you do get it let me know, and I will tell you a little trick so you don't have to keep getting up for false alarms....

    Runner, it's not a camera..It is just a sensor. You mount it somewhere and when it senses motion it will send a wireless signal to the chiming device you have plugged into an outlet inside the house. If you want you can plug a lamp into the chime unit and the lamp will come on when motion is detected. I never really use that. It doesn't record anything...Just an inexpensive way to be alerted if someone comes after your stuff in the night. The thief will not hear the chime. This gives you the upper hand.
  9. Runner

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    Ok,...I see. Sorry about that, I had read this thread earlier, and was interested in it, and then I just read the response on it, and had some remnants of another thread regarding cameras in my head. lol
  10. cpel2004

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    You should have blasted and asked questions later. Just joking, does the device have a special name?

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