tipping point in the lawn industry?

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    Those are the guys I try to hire. Because I know they will be trying to learn as much about the business as possible while working for me, and will be passionate in their job. If they want to leave one day and try to compete against me, thats fine. I am confident in my plan and processes enough that I know I will be more successful than them.
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    So how many crews do you run and what type of software do you use?
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    Several crews now. Not sure what you mean by software - we don't use anything out of the ordinary for general business functions.
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    It really depends on one's purpose for entering the industry. If a guy only wanted to stay solo and be self-employed, good.

    But, if a guy wants to build a business, then good for him. To each their own.

    There is a difference between "owning a job" and "owning a business."

    Each perspective has a difference "tipping point."
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    A agree with you that everyone has their own reasons to be in the business.

    However I wouldn't say that every owner of a "large" business "owns" them. It really depends on how well you structure it. For some people they have structured the business so well that they could literally step away from it for a year plus, nothing involved, and it would be in the same position or better than they left it.

    But, I think you made a good point. There are probably many, many large business owners whose business "owns" them.

    The problem is getting to the point where it doesn't own you...
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    EXACTLY!!! Great thread!
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    No scheculing or accounting ssoftware?
    See threads about Wal-Mart and papajohns, it has to do with economics
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    I'm pretty sure planet has just such certifications! I plan to put my crew leader through to see if it's really what it says it is.
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    Just the bare minimum, I love landscapesafety.com. they allow us to set up a new hire in the office and take 4-5 hours on videos that piggyback each other. once they pass, we spend a couple days in the field on an easy crew to train on identifying what they are looking to accomplish. Then from there, everyone has a 3rd party for safe operations of machines. We build our procedures off safety. With safety in mind, we move to efficiency. Most companies don't know what ear, eye, ankle and foot protection is. I love driving by guys weed wacking in shorts sneakers and no glasses. Makes me smile knowing this is how the customer sees them. I have had people fire us then re hire us because the new people were "scumbags". nothing to do with the work. just our marketing plan at work.
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    What's wrong with wearing shorts while trimming?

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