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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bigcountry01, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Hey guys.
    well heres my deal. Ive been in business for 3 years now and i would consider myself to be doing pretty good. Ive got 2 employees,about 40 mowing accounts,plus we also do landscape jobs. I want to continue to grow my business but i seem to be in a rut. I have advertised with a local newspaper(big nice ad), i have paid a good amount of money for very nice professional looking postcards that i passed out at the begging of the season.Still i am not getting near the return on my advertising as i would like to. Is there anything else i could be doing? I dont want to waste hundreds of dollars on ads that just dont work. Any advice would be great. Thanks guys
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    You gotta commit to an advertising budget and stick with it, it will pay longterm if not in the short term.

    GSPHUNTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Are your trucks uniform, employees uniform, trailers lettered, etc....?

    I think this is huge for companies that want to expand beyond the solo operation. If you look the part of a well known company, then people will notice and have that perception of your company. Marketing is all about perception. Fulfilling the need with quality work comes later.
  4. All_Toro_4ME

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    Good advice gsphunter. Yea, make sure your truck and and trailer are lettered with your company and contact info on them. It helps tremendously.
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    I am starting out this year new, and I have gotten a great response... 3-5 calls every other day and about 4 of them on average turn into jobs. My rates are $60 an hour for anything I do, so I am not low balling (I hope....). Just about every person who calls says "I love your name and logo...." so I think that having an eye catching logo is very important.

    Also, I have had several comments that my ad (Which runs in 3 different news papers weekly as a business card sized ad.....) is very direct and lists clearly what we do. So, like a previous poster stated have an advertising/marketing budget and stick to it and also be clear in your ad, not vague such as "lawn care" - list services... I also have had great success so far with a couple of other things I do but I want to keep them to my self :)

    Attached is one of the ad's I ran in one of the papers... in 2 weeks it has resulted in 12 jobs our of 18 estimates.

    Again, I am new at this and all I know about running a business and marketing is what I have done this year... but... I have had people pull up to me at a job just because of my logo and ask me to come do a quote for them. Some people on here thought my name was stupid, and that no one would want 2 Fat Guys to do anything for them, but I get a lot of "It is refreshing to have someone who is not QUALITY LAWN CARE, or PRESTIGE LAWN CARE, etc...." We are what we are... 2 Fat Guys who believe in good customer service and doing good work.

    Remember, quality lawn work needs to be what you do, not what your name is.

    (And before anyone asks... yes, insured... I have an applicator but I am studying for the exam... and there is no need for a license in maine other then the applicators license.)


    week 1-4.jpg
  6. bobw

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    The only problem I would have with your name/logo would be future expansion. Either you gotta be doing your hiring at the Krispy Kreme, or else you're going to disappoint a lot of customers when two "normal" sized people show up to do the work :D
  7. 2fatguyslawncare

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    Family business.... genetics will be on my side... ;)
  8. Gardens55

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    That's a great, memorable business card!

    I would add that you need to target your advertisements towards specific customers. By that I mean change your tone depending on where you are advertising and to who.
  9. bill8379

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    ONe of the biggest moving companys in Canada (maybe the states too, I'm not sure) is a co. called 2 Small Men with Big Hearts. For years I thought it was just two guys but then I seen their ad in the phone book. Now I think they are 2 Small Men with Big Wallets.
  10. garydale

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    The return on all forms of advertising is seldom more than a few % points.IMO
    I have learned that the secret is keeping your name out there.
    Your company image is avery big part of keeping your name in front of the public.
    (Uniforms,Trucks & equipment)

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