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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. ncscaping

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    good thread on ear protection

    I have been wearing ear protection everytime I start equipment.

    I've had tinitus for 10 years, since retiring from the U.S.N.
  2. David's Lawn Service

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    Hustler Owner's Manual, page 3-1, Controls 5., states..."IMPORTANT: Never engage clutch with engine running at high rpm or when the deck is under load. Clutch, belts or deck could be damaged." That is good enough for me!
  3. Green&Growing

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    My Ex Mark (Metro 36") says engage PTO at 1/2 throttle. One way you strain the engine and the other way you stress the belts. I'd rather replace belts.
  4. alpine692003

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    Fill up equipment with gas before you go out.


    Label your GAS cans with a black marker!!!
  5. atbomber

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    hi, my name is andy, and i am in central texas... for the last 5 years i have been a registered nurse in a cardiac icu... prior to that, i worked in lawn/landscaping from gruntwork to sales... i am absolutely fed up with corporate healthcare and want to start my own lawn care business. i have strong knowledge of what grows around here and how to maintain it... what i am looking for here is helpful resources for actually beginning the business, anything from texas self-employment tax laws to billing, pricing, maintenance schedules, advertising, and sales. i plan to begin my business in spring 2006, and hope to have an iron clad plan for expansion from day one. i want this to be my retirement, my day to day livelihood, and my career. i would appreciate anyone's input... thank you very much
  6. atbomber

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    david, i am just up the road in waco, currently working at scott and white in temple and wanting to begin my own lawncare business here in waco in the next 18 months... i would like to bounce some ideas off of you and listen to how you started, what expectations/plans i should have... please reply
  7. Patrick.B

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    That what i like about my pm144z gravely ,,i can ingage cluch while idle ,,i've seen guys that start there mower on there trailer and run it wide open and as soon all four wheel hit the ground they ingage there cluch wide open ,,,jeez ...must have more money then me cause he will have problem soon ..i've saw a lawn service guy one time and i stop to question him about his scag and when he saw me coming toward him he shut his motor off with motor and cluch ingage ,,,i was like gawwdd !!!! lolol ....and he ask me if i wanted to buy his mower lol,.,,,NOT ,,,,,,,lol
  8. GreenMonster

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    or just buy the right color and only use them for what they are intended.

    funny story. Had skid steer at friend's house and left diesel in a red gas jug labeled K1. So, he fills his push mower with it, and it won't start. So, he goes over and borrows his neighbor's mower. Yeah, you guessed it -- filled that with diesel too! Figured it out when he took a whif of the diesel.
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  9. stizostedion_vitreum

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    I'm new to this business, but have been in many other facets of the service industry.

    The only other item i'd suggest is;

    When we contract a new client we create a log sheet for them that specifies exactly what we'll be performing at their location. It includes items to watch out for such as; specifics on trimming, locking or closing gates, contact info, day/times of service, billing schedule and anything else that may be relevant to crews.

    Even if your a solo, this is very valuable just in case your ever injured or put out of service. It may be the manual that saves your business if you ever need to send someone else to perform your livelihood.

    Keep these log sheets in your binder with everything else. You can buy plastic sheet covers at any office store. Then organize them in order of how your week is scheduled.

    Thanks to everyone else that's provided what works for them,
  10. fourseasonlawns

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    Carry eye drops in your first aid kit.

    Shake your mixed gas can before filling your equipment.

    Start with clean air filters daily, and change them at lunchtime.

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