TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. boxsky

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    Email before going the SBA route. There are many things that the banks forget to tell you. I'm in a battle with a bank about their nondisclosureon my SBA.

  2. hawklandscaping

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    The title of my post says it all. Same question as eddie06 but for the state of Alabama. I've found plenty of info. on the web for Utah, Michigan, Conneticut, etc. but nothing for Alabama. I called the local County extension service and they say all I need is a commercial landscape license for everything- one licenese covers pesticides, fertilizer, planting trimming, etc.? State Department of Agriculture informed me that they don't administer this license exam in the Mobile area till July. Come on! What do they want me to do for a living till then.

    Also does anybody have a simple formula to figure out what to charge per project. For example for every hour of mowing, "x" amount should be charged or for other projects, material costs + "x"% Also any suggestions for adding extra income in the winter months.


  3. hawklandscaping

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    Another quick question,

    Can anyone recommend a great computer program for identifying plants. I love the ones on the net in which you answer questions concerning type of leaves (shape, number per stem,serrated, etc.) and then they compute the type of plant you have. However all of those net programs have an extremely limited number of plants so I rarely find a match. I would like to find a program like these but with a much larger number of plants in its database.

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    Semper Fi~

    I myself, did my tour with "The Few, the proud, the United States Marines!

    If you'd like I can take a look at your logo and see what I can do!

    Here is my logo.. the site isn't finished but it will be up by the end of the week!

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    Drink more water.
  6. Grassman43

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    When making a yearly bid on commerical work how many cuttings should I base it on?
  7. racerxgtpro2002

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    i use only scagg eq,and i have insisted my employs to engage/disengage my eq at low rpms,now some situiations dont allow for this,thats when well greased eq will slow some wear and tear
  8. racerxgtpro2002

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    my guys are not allowed to leave the shop with out, a walk arround theire truck ,trailer, ect,i agree that spills on streets and cutomers lawns is just un proffesional. i git-r- done fast,reliable,and most of all professional, good habits makes for a good living,and better customers.
  9. scubamower

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    i ve only be in the bussiness a while but here's a few tips i learned quickly
    1 us glasses, i like the yellow tint, makes the green stand out, (have the wrap around cause it hurts bad when you get beamed in the bottom eyelid)
    2 even if ur good mower breaks ALWAYS mow the dang yard anyway cause u'll lose bussiness FAST
    3 always think before you act b/c stuff can go really wrong really fast
  10. scubamower

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    make sure ur a master w/ the trailer before you head out b/c if u dont u'll be tryin to back a trailer somewhere and the only thing u'll get are weird looks and kids laughin at u lol

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