TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

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    I don't have anything else to do when there is snow on the ground & no snow
    to move. you can't mow grass & you can't do cleanups. Shrubs & Tree work is done by the time snow comes & stays. Other than to fix & repaint Mowers &
    help out a friend at a Bakery. & then if I get bored I go south to KY. & find work.
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    I's shore gona get som edumacation on this hear web thingie

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    What About Child Labor Laws
  4. klloydemtp

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    Hello everyone. First off let me say thanks for all the tips. This website has been a huge help. Once I figure out why I cant download that do's and Dont's tips and examples book after paying then everything will be great. Anyways, I am only doing this part time. I work Full time as a Paramedic for a local Fire Department. I have a bunch of time off working 24/48's and an extra day every 3rd week off. I have purchased a 2004 Gravely 44z and a 1998 Snapper Pro 48" walk behind. A Echo blower back pack and Trimmer. I have a trailer and a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer to pull my equipment. I only have however like 2 to possible 3 accounts so far, one being a sub-addition with 4 entrances and 1 club house. What is a good way to get other jobs commercial or residential without stepping on toes. Any other tips would be greatful.. Thanks again

  5. IXR

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    Here in Wichita, most contracts/ agreements are made in the fall for the following season.
    I lucked into mine by working on residential sprinkler systems and lawn care.
    A couple of folks ask if I would bid on the homeowners assoc. that they lived in.
    Word of mouth is the very best advertising.
    As far as "stepping on toes"...
    If a guy is doing his job and making his customers happy, he won't loose the contract.
    So, if you get a new contract, they must not have been happy with who they have now.
    And people do change for better price and 1 hundred other reasons.
    Ya win some, ya loose some, that's just how business works.Start slow and DO NOT UNDER BID YOURSELF just to get a customer!!!
    Soon you will be wondering how you will get what you have done.
    Good luck and welcome to the jungle :)
  6. klloydemtp

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    Thanks for the reply. That info was helpful. Very helpful..
  7. Mr.Lawn

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    Don't don't under bid yourself. I did it at first and hated myself for doing that. I have been really lucky by having all but two of my accounts are in my subdivision. put out flyers, right now is fall clean up time use that angle. Also like everybody else has said about stepping on toes, as long as the other guys are keeping their customer happy then no worries.Also think about small landscape jobs, fall in Florida is when I start my landscape work. If you need any other help or contract ideas send me a e-mail and I will send you everything I have hope this helps
  8. klloydemtp

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    Thanks again, Mr. Lawn.. Great info, especially about the under bidding because thats exactly what I was going to do. Not now..!
  9. lawnprosteveo

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    Dont strap yourself down with alot of debt and overhead. Run your biz lean and mean.
    Dont be afraid to buy used equip...just do it carefully and pay cash.
    Save up money during the good months so you wont be on welfare in the winter.
  10. IXR

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    That is very good advice.
    When I started I bought all used equipment.
    I still buy a lot of it used and still pay cash!
    Borrowing is bad news to a new business.
    Enjoy the slow times :)

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