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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. retrodog

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    Double check your straps on your mower's and make sure they are strapped to right place:confused:I forgot and my Brand new $7500 Bad Boy went flipping down the highway end over end at about 65mph:cry::cry::cry:I thought my wife would have the pistol out when I got home!! Turned out okay cause it really didn't hurt the mower and what it did damage the factory helped fix it:usflag:could have been really worse!
  2. IXR

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    Holy crapola!
    I bet you were just sick to see your new mower doing acrobats down the hiway.
    Thank God for good safety chains... I pulled out of my driveway and my trailer hitch had come loose.
    Dented my bumper but could have been WAY worse!
    Scared the poop out of me, I ALWAYS check it now.
    Now is the time for rutine maintenance.
    Keep mowin' and growin' :weightlifter:

  3. Stillwater

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    2 years ago during a clean up with a exmark laser I got off the machine for something, turned around and saw 8 foot flames shooting out the back. quick thinking I ran to my worker ripped the bg85 out of his hands and bolted to the machine blowing the fire out. almost had a stroke, leaves built up around the muffler when pushing huge piles of leafs and caught fire. so mount a category ABC extinguisher on the mower
  4. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    Its actually kinda funny now. Honest, I had just got gas at Wal-Mart, and 3 people stopped to talk to me about the mower. Asking me all kinda questions about it. I sat in the truck on the side of the road for a while before I got out. I was scared to see what happened to the mower. It ripped my bagger to shreds, but not one piece came off the mower. Me and another guy that stopped to help, flipped the mower over and I cranked it up and drove it back on the trailer. The deck was bent a little, hydros were off a bit, e-brake bent, and the front fork was toast. I called the factory to get the front piece, and they asked me to drive it up, and they actually fixed it, new deck even! I have actually become a dealer now for them, pretty much because of my experience with the factory and the price points.

    all pics 1005.jpg
  5. cman3899

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    IXR, if you have a few spare minutes, I would like to pick your brain about the Wichita market. Email me at
  6. Stillwater

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    what did it cost to get it back together?
  7. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    I ended up being out about $1500 bucks out of the deal, because they couldn't fix the bagger system. Oh well, I found out after I had gotten it that I really didn't need it anyway. I thought that all mowers left trails and clumps of grass. I had been leaving the bagger chute off and actually throwing grass out, because it dispersed it so good anyway. You win some and you lose some, but this deal could have been alot worse. I hadn't even gotten insurance on the mower yet, and I was going to have to squirrel it up a little to get it covered (I was very uncomfortable with that). After having my insurance man come out and look at it, he suggested just bending the deck back and getting a new front piece welded on and rolling on. I had actually contacted my dealer to get the piece, and he made a call to the factory and told them what happened. Next thing I know a factory rep called me and asked for photos, then asked if we could drive it up and let them take a look at it. We came home with an awesome mower with a little history and a couple of bruises and scratches!
  8. LedgedaleLawn

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    I agree, every service/owners manual you will find says engage it a full throttle. And also a bell drive blade is nothing like a dropping the clutch in a 9000lb truck.

    Great tips keep them coming!
  9. tennmow

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    I think those are some really, really good principles and i would seriously be interested in some more of your insight
  10. IXR

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    That is very true...
    If a neighbor is out while I am doing service next door, I always try to make it a point to stop and say hello or make a comment on their lawn.
    I have an ad in the phone book but I get more referrals than from the book.
    Also, working together makes a lot of sense... if I run across a lot to big for what I have, I refer it to a lawn company that has bigger equipment. And in turn he refers work to me.
    Here in Wichita, there is a lot of competition... some good, some not.

    I figure we can all be friends and all make money, there is more than enough work for everyone.

    Anyhow... hope everyone has a fun day today!


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