TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

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    this thread is years in the making, and fantastic in every sense of the word. I have learned so much valuable information it is unbelievable. Is there anyone working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? I noticed a lot of these yanks talking about equipment I cant find a dealer for!!!!

    Thanks everyone for your wisdom and keep it coming!
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    I suggest spare pairs of gloves and boots in the truck during the rainy season, if you have one. Had to run all the way back to the house after some emergency flood control a couple weeks ago. Might want a rain coat too.
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    If you have no experience in the business, I suggest working with a developed business for several months before you go out on your own - that's what I did and it greatly benefited me.
  4. SproulsLawnCare

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    I kind of like this idea. Only problem is that some employees would just sit around all day after reading it!!!
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    Wow, guys. 38 pages. If y'all can believe this, I sat and read this thread in two sittings, I guess I was that interested!

    Anyway, as so many have said before me, thank you all for the information, though I'm sure most of the contributors aren't even here anymore to receive my thanks.

    I don't have much to add that hasn't been said before, I would like to note that if you were considering ear plugs or a noise-cancelling headset, you might think of this: My ears seem to be really shallow and the earplugs won't go in very deep so I don't think I'm getting maximum protection, and if they fall out it takes me a long time to put them back in. I'm about to just go buy a headset.
  6. seabee24

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    hey this question was asked back on the first page... i didnt bother to read them all, but i dont think this was ever properly answered

    regaurding PTO engaugement

    for a manuel PTO , - lowest RPM

    for an electric PTO - If it has a battery, then lowest RPM

    for an electric PTO , that does NOT have a battery ( Pull start) then high RPM. the truck example is a good one, but some of you seem to forget , for those peaces of equiptment with out batteries, the electrical power the casues the clutch to engaurged is generated by the motor. if the RPM is low , then there is almost no electrical current , which would cause the clutch to slip and cause more damage to it then engauging it at a full RPM
  7. ExtExc

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    my grandpa was a sod guy, and this was one of his "infamous qoutes" for FNG's

    how do i do this????

    Green Side up!

    along with....

    why do i have to do this?

    cus "Im the boss"
  8. PineappleSlap

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    with the ear plugs do this........roll very very tightly
    use the arm/hand on the opposite side of the ear you are about to put the plug in
    take that arm, go over the top of your head and grab the top of your ear
    pull up and out on your ear, this opens the canal.
    insert plug while doing so with other arm/hand.....
    you will be surprised how far that thing will go in there......sometimes it hurts they go in so far.....and they literally cancel out just about everything

    (was in the navy and worked on aircraft, putting earplugs in is a delicate artform if you ask me)
  9. thesodfather

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    locks cables and maybe a pitbull that can guard your equipment. nothing like waking up at 7am or heading back to the truck after mowing a back yard to find out your backpack or other 300+ dollar piece of equipment has been ripped off by a competitor or some 16 yr old troll
  10. jwalker17

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    Don't let your employer screw with you like I just got. Get paid fair. make sure your actually being taxed and paid appropriately.

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