TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

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    Ask yourself,,,,If they were your loyal customers, would you not expect themm to say the same for you. If you keep working hard and being fair, it time you to will have LOYAL customers.
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    And make sure you put some money side for taxes at the end of the year, or you could be out of business.
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    How did we get off on how to engage a clutch?

    Rules to go by to improve or start a business.
    1. Start local, advertise local. I stay withing my own zip code (within a city).
    2. Do quality work.
    3. Be reliable.
    4. Follow through on promises/commitments.


    Mowing clients:
    Give an estimate that you can live with and make an honest profit. I offer 3 options for new estimates: 1. Occasional service (example $55) 2. Scheduled Service every 7-10 days ($51) with these 2 options payment is due upon completion. 3. Super Saver Plan (Scheduled Service) pay 4 cuts in advance at a time ($46 X 4=$184). Clients like the idea of choices and almost all choose option 3 to save more money. Now you're not working with your money or borrowed money, your using their and they like it that way. 98 percent of my mowing clients are on this plan.

    Mowing plus clients:
    If a client does more business with me, then I offer a yearly plan with annual, semi-annual or monthly payments. "Plus" items include: landscape maintenance, lawn treatments and landscape treatments.

    These methods work. Try'em.
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    Only thing i have to add after reading all 41 pages is if your fixing sprinkler heads or valves or even touching any part of an irrigation system for your costumers then i would check and see if your state requires you to be licensed. I just took and past my irrigation test for Texas and it was a big deal to get. With new rules that just came out in 2010 for Texas you must be a licensed irrigator to touch any part of the system. You can get up to a $2000 dollar fine for messing with this without a license. It will be hard to enforce but after all i went through to get my license you can bet that i will be on the look out for lawn care businesses working on systems without license. I will report you myself. Thats money out of my pocket. And you can tell who is licensed or not because you have to have your license numbers posted on your truck and professional irrigators know this. Just don't do it leave it to the pros and everyone will benefit.
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    any good liabilty ins companies?
    just starting out thus spring coming up. done this for 7 years just trying it myself now
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    thanks for the suggestions and advice. just starting out LLC and learning alot from this site alone. im glad i found it
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    I don't pressure was but I do use compressed air and a scrapper at the end of every day.
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    There is a lot of great advice on this thread. Some people laugh at the safety stuff, but those are the ones that have not been hurt yet. All it takes is one good injury to screw you up and screw up your business. Don't learn the hard way. Take your time and be safe!
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    Weather predictors are 50/50 at best. Always wake up and be ready to mow grass every day unless it's 100% predicted to rain. I can't tell you how many good days of mowing production I would've wasted if I had listened to these stupid weather forecasters! Get out there with a skeleton crew if you must and wait on a passing rain...nothing ruins a perfectly good profit/loss sheet than wasted labor! Especially on government contracts that want their properties mowed come hell or high water. Get the job done and do not waste 3/4 of a day because the first 2 hrs had some sprinkles. Adjust the labor, mow grass!!

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