TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

  1. Mom22Boys80

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    What a great post! My husband and I have started mowing a few yards in the neighborhood (4-5). We're keeping it small -- push mower, no trailer. Alot of great tips on here that we hadn't thought about!!

  2. ANTHONY123

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    i barely started my buisness i got a few customers its going smooth but how can i start to do commercial
  3. WildassBaughb

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    Commercial Accounts are not as appealing as people think. It is very competitive and you might get one for a year then not the next. There is no loyalty...just dollars and there is always someone who will do it cheaper the next year. Residential clients are better because they tend to stick with you as long as you do a good job. I have never lost a client to my competition due to being reasonable, consistent and reliable.
  4. Camo Lawn

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    Go to good will and buy a couple cheap Polo shirts to work in if you don't have your own shirts. When I started out I did this and you wouldnt believe the clients that commented on how it was nice to have someone around their property that wasnt in a tattered or torn up t-shirt. I got one client because the last guy wore no shirt and had nipple piercings. Im just sayin .... lol
  5. cb171985

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    change your oil. im suprised how many guys just let their machines blow up.
  6. johntab

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    1. Just because you are not sweating doesn't mean you don't need water. Keep hydrated.

    2. Keep benadryl tablets and ointment in your first aid kit to deal with stings.

    3. If you are allergic to bees have your epi pen with you.

    4. Food is fuel - eat smart, don't let yourself get to empty.

    5. Schedule your most physically demanding jobs either early or late in the day when the weather is coolest.
  7. mountfield

    mountfield LawnSite Member
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    Whats the hydrogen peroxide for?!
  8. dhnorf

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    I have a Gravely zt1734, I always engage the blade at full RPM's. I never really considered engaging at a lower rpm to save the belts or clutch. Does it make a difference on this machine?
  9. Buck123

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    from NW IL
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    Hi I'm new to all of this. What do you mean by local ordinances? I didn't know there was any specific ordinances for lawn guys. Can anyone give me an example?

  10. Triple H

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    Hey Fellas im starting a new lco in Arizona in light of the new immigration law. Any advice is welcomed!

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