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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

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    I think it's irresponsible to be operating power equipment that has the potential to cause both property damage and personal injury on a customer's property. I think it automatically follows that if you can't afford an insurance premium then you can't afford to pay for any damages you may cause. Property damage is finite but personal injury damages can be huge. I pay my insurance to protect my business and personal assets as well as because I feel it is my responsibility to my customers to be insured.
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    Free time; I love what you wrote since 80% of my custo's are those cheap $%^& 's Seems like people are programmed to haggle the lawn man no matter what he says, So I always start high and when they haggle me I usually agree at what I wanted in the beginning, I do have a handful of underbid jobs I seem to always get stuck going back to since I am still small company but I should let them go and use that spare time to go find better accounts, hamster on the wheel here go round n round,
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    If you had insurance you could get bigger jobs, the ones that require insurance, I don't know what size company your running, but remember this the more legit and professional you are the more you can charge, :usflag:
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    DO NOT drink Gatorpiss, PowerAde. They are worthless. If those were helpful at all NHL players wouldn't dump them out and refill them with water or Biosteel.
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    i was dehydrated a couple of summers ago, had been drinking plenty of water so i didn't suspect it. after a couple of days of dizziness etc went to the doctor and after tests he told me i was dehydrated and to go slug down a case of gatorade.

    worked like a charm.
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    Take your dark or mirrored glasses off when talking to customers. People want to look you in the eye.
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    This is the first I have heard of shutting off pto at slow speeds. I will prob change a few things because of the new info. Will do some more checking for sure. Thanks for the info.
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    Really? I get sick laboring all day off water. 12-14 hours off just water makes for terrible cramps at night. If I am drinking Gatorade or powerade thing see a lot better.
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    its because you are low on potassium prob, try drinking orange juice with breakfast, another 12-16 oz in the afternoon, and again after need at least 4-5k mg of potassium a day, you lose more when you sweat a lot, water has 0 gatorade has something like 30-40mg per 8oz, orange juice (not frozen) has something like 450mg per 8 oz...also try a few salt tabs during the day if you sweat a lot
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    I drink only water. That is all I drink everyday all day. I do take a multi vitamin pack everyday and eat a banana at lunch. Did you know it takes your body around 45-60 minutes to use cold drinks. Your body has to warm the liquid up to use it. Best to drink room temp liquids if you feel dehydrated.

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