TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eric ELM, Apr 16, 2001.

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    Which means stay as far away from husky as possible. I use to have a pz 52 and when you shut the deck off, after mowing 4" of dry grass, a whole hay bale would fall out. Piece of crap.
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    List of some of the tips off the top of my head that I wish I would have known starting out...
    in no particular order. (Obviously, some are personal opinion suited to our situation.) ———save yourself some headaches:
    1) use PB Blaster on a frequent basis on the ratchet strap mechanisms and on the 21” wheel/height adjustments.
    2) if you use ratchet straps, get good ones
    3) ALWAYS carry business cards
    4) keep 3 sets of blades for each mower...easiest way to always make sure one set is sharp
    5) a battery powered impact wrench is the 8th wonder of the world for changing blades as frequently as you should
    6) Stihl safety glasses—the $10.99 in dark and smoke have been the best for staying on and limited fogging
    7) carry a tire plug kit...I’ve been amazed how they hold...also cig lighter powered air compressor
    8) add more good reflective tape to your trailer...if you have a trailer light failure after dark, it makes a huge difference
    9) Stabil Marine to every gas can fill up. This is dependent on where you live, but with only ethanol conveniently available here, it has made a big difference for us..
    10) HRX 217 has been a much better fit than the tank HRC for us...lighter, cheaper, and easier/faster to maneuver, and a better mulcher. Last as long? Maybe not, but we’ve yet to wear one out!
    11) before the season starts, buy enough motor oil, air and oil filters, and grease for the entire season. You’ll stay up on maint better.
    12) when you get a new lawn, immediately knock on the door of every neighbor within 5 or 6 houses in each direction and tell them you are mowing for so-and-so. This has had the highest rate of return of any marketing we’ve done.
    13) type II justrite gas cans. Less spill, won’t tip over in truck, and on and on
    14) for us, the largest model MoJack has been well worth...similar to the impact above, it helps me safely change the blades as often as I should
    15) Fluid Film—great rust proofer under the trailer, etc..
    16) Grass Flap is hands down our best OCDC
    17) a laminated daily checklist in the truck to makes sure you have everything before heading out
    18) keep a tourniquet and hemostatic gauze in the truck or on the mower (learn how to use on YouTube)
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    Always work like there’s someone watching...because there probably is.
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    Very good point and so true. No pizzing behind the shed........

    We have some unwritten rules at where I work. We only do commerical jobs, HOAs, Conds etc. No private homes.

    Landscapers are always the first to get blamed if some thing is broken, missing or what every the clinet feels we did. Cover your azz !

    Always be on the look out for broken windows or personal property. Take a minute or 2 and walk a property, cover your azz, stop and let the owner or your supervisor know.

    DON'T move personal/private property. Mow around it or get the owner to move it.

    Dogs and cats are not your friends, kids are worst, keep away from them.

    There are some people out there just looking to get over on you, cover your azz
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