Tips for hiring Hispanics as laborers

Discussion in 'Employment' started by pondfishr, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. pondfishr

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    I would like to hire laborers and feel I might need to look at hiring Hispanics. Does anyone have any tips for hiring this type of employee? I have no experience in this area of business and need help as where to find them, communication, pay rate, and what about their citizenship status? Any help with this would be appreciated.
  2. Jdmtnbikr

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  3. ed2hess

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    You pick them up in areas where they live early in the morning. You really need to speak some spanish if you are looking to get a guy long term. You need to file I-9 and W4 whick means they need a SS number and a ID. There is no requirement for you to do anything more than fill in paper work and send it in, and keep copy on file. If they are not legal the gov will inform you(normally it takes 9 months)and you simply lay the guy off.
  4. mowingtowing

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    are you just talking day laborers? If so, cruise the local 7-11's in the morning, that is where i could get 50 if i need that many. SOme spanish is a MUST. I have 3 guys that i use during peak times but i call them and tell them where to meet (like next to mc donalds near 7-11). I pay them 10/hr cash and buy lunch. They work very hard and well.
  5. pondfishr

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    Yes I was talking about just day laborers when I said that "type" of employee. I have always had a one or two man operation and I am looking to expand my market. I have not had good luck in the past getting laborers so I was wanting to see what my options would be. From the feedback I think I will need to learn a little Spanish. There is a book available on this site maybe I should get a copy and try it out.
  6. Brianslawn

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    around here the whites are the day laborers that want cash....

    just ask around at restaurants for someone needing extra part time work.
  7. tylermckee

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    we have a place called every day staffing around here. you call them up and tell them what you need and they send out your laborer/s. Guys they send are usually kinda odd, either guys that cant hold a steady job so they show up there every day and wait till a contractor needs someone, or some drugged out younger guy.
  8. pondfishr

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    How does business insurance coverage figure into day labor?

    For the day laborers: If pick someone up "a day laborer" and he gets hurt on a clients property will your normal business insurance cover their injury if they are not a full time employee? Or would the liability fall on the home or business owner who was receiving your service?

    For staffing service labor: If you hire someone from the staffing service does the temp service carry all required insurance?

    If I can get a day laborer off the street for $10 per hour what is the going rate for an employee from a staffing service per hour?
  9. mowingtowing

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    i think a staffing service ("Labor Finders" around here) is almost 14 an hour and everything is covered, taxes, insurance, payment to worker and of course their fee.
  10. 5starlandscaping

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    What about taxes for hispanics workers. I have 2 hispanics working for me. They both have no ID so I cant give them a 1099 are anything like that for taxes. I am afraid they are going to rack up about 20k a piece this year which is going to leave me paying 40k more in taxes plus that will leave me in a higher tax bracket.
    I could just tell my accountant to lower my income but if I ever get audited Im screwed.

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