Tips for hiring Hispanics as laborers

Discussion in 'Employment' started by pondfishr, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Landscape25

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    If they have no ID, WHY are they working for you?, is a question you should investigate first.
  2. Ol'time Lawncare

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    ANY HELP??? OK... go to your local home depot, you will find them there sitting around waiting for guys like you to pick them up! make shore you go to taco bell for lunch everyday or they will quit you!!! Pay rate??? you will be able to to find 2 of them for 5 an hour!If you can't find any help, beat you ass down to the border. There you will find all the help you need. 5000 come from over there alone everyday.Citizenship status? you can be them BOSS. hope this helps.:usflag:
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    this is the first year i hired hispanic workers. TERRIBLE experience so far. 2 of four spoke english, none could read english. none of them understands the paycheck info, they all think i am screwing them. they make $9-10 per hour.. they all said they knew how to operate all the equipment, only 1 actually did. now one is filing a lawsuit against me because he got something in his eye while working (was not wearing required eye protection) something in his eye... turns out to be pink eye. i have had it. out of 4, i have one hispanic guy left. i'm either going back to white guys, or going to try h2b's next year.
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    Not in a million years, That is what WORKERS COMP is for, and typically by hiring day workers and paying them cash the workers comp is what most guys try and avoid paying. That's the benefit to paying someone cash: you avoid any tax/insurance burden.

    by going through the staffing company, they include any taxes/ins, so if you want to pay them $10/hr it will prob cost you like $18/hr or more. Staffing services are expensive, but your covered.

    bottom line is if your paying someone cash and they get hurt, its on your a$$, no ifs ands or buts about it!!! That is a risk you take in hiring "those workers" and paying cash.....May the force be with you!
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    This is the most uneducated rediculious post I've read here. Im hoping your joking. Nothing like racist stereotypes. Taco bell? come on.

    2 for 5 an hour? You must be in a real unique area. Here they work for 9-10 plus, and even at that rate its difficult to get guys.

    Hispanics are generally the hardest working most dependable workers available to this field. I couldent be in business if I relied on hiring Americans.

    I need to know the crew is going to show up every day and on time and they will work all day without complaining or sitting in the truck having a cigarette every 5 minutes.

    I have 2 guys that havent missed a day of work in 4 years.

    Find an American to do that?? I get excited when one shows up for an entire week. But always by the second week they need such and such day off or have to leave early, and the reason always is " the have sh!t to do"

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