Tips for keeping your commercial customers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BPS##, May 12, 2012.

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    Tips for keeping your multi $10,000s a year contracts.

    This is a list of don'ts that I gathered from listening to the site managers complain about the company I took the contracts from.

    Don't wolf whistle at the manager, or the office girls.

    Don't play foot ball in the common areas on your break or after mowing.
    When the manager calls and requests that your employees not do this tell her that "boys will be boys, not much I can do about it."

    Don't look and act like criminals. The renters notice things like this.

    Don't roundup spray around the trees and buildings to cut down on trimming.

    Don't charge for 3 aps of fertilizer a year and then just do one in real late fall so that its too late to give any green look to the grass.
    When asked about the fertilizer or lack of it and why the grass is so yellow don't claim that its a lack of water.

    Make sure to spray or pull the rock bed weeds long before they reach 6' tall.

    Hire reliable help so that you aren't constantly changing your mowing day because the crew manager has to run down to the jail every week to bail the help out of jail.

    Don't mangle the siding with a trimmer on nearly all the buildings.
    Don't ring many of the trees with a trimmer and kill them.

    Make sure to blow off the entrances, front and back after each mowing.

    I'm sure I'll think of some more things they've told me.

    As a side note to all of this I'm doing the same properties with 3 guys and getting done in less time than the previous guys were with 5 to 6 guys.
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    Whats wrong with a whistle here and there, lol
    but if you are going to do a job, do it right.
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    Do what's in the contract only and in the time frame it is supposed to be done and have an agreement that if they are happy with what is agreed upon on paper they will not put it up for bids every year and you will keep the price right year to year which means low raises.

    Other then that when they try and get you to do something that is not in the contract you tell them to blow it out there a ss:laugh: and stick them to the written agreement and I am serious.You open the door just slightly and let them get the foot in the door and it's over. Just look at taxes in this country! and I rest my case on that.
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    Don't hit any cars.

    Try to show up the same time every week.

    Keep the grass clippings off the cars.
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    I had a female maintenance employee that used to sit with the guys and ogle and comment on the girls.

    I'm an equal opportunity employer.:canadaflag:
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    LOL...pretty funny, I'll be sure to hold onto that advice. I especially like your quote at the bottom, great perspective.
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    I was going to say lower the price until they become a dependent and claim them as such. LOL
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    Pretty much all common sense!
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    Just picked up 3 commercial properties where i have to regrade the old grass/ dirt and Re-sod Since the past guy cut in the same direction for 28+ weeks straight!


    yes the stripes look like Tiger Stadium but c'mon!

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