Tips for keeping your commercial customers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BPS##, May 12, 2012.

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    While some low rent complexes may not care about such things the ones I'm working for do. They expect an attempt at professionalism. I had an arguement last year with a LS member about the customers looking at the lawn guys as nothing more than a slug. Well that may be true in his town. Its not where I work.
    Example just this past week I was complemented at my higher rent complex by one of the renters on the fact that me and my guys are clean cut, courteous and don't look like just released felons. If we were nothing more than a slug in their eyes they wouldn't say things like that.

    True that.

    Common sense stuff right?

    Yeah.... aint happening.
    Not until obummer lowers my taxes and the price at the pump goes down..... A LOT.


    You would think, right?

    Apparently not that common tho, the previous company sure managed to screw up a lot...... over and over and over.
    They didn't just piss off the local management they did such a poor job that when the big swinging dicks from HQ showed up for their annual property inspection they said those guys were OUTA here.
  2. BPS##

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    So how is that killing the grass?

    Mowing the same way all summer shouldn't do that.
    Gotta be some thing else to the story.

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    really? How does that kill grass?
  4. SSmith

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    It doesn't. I've mowed the same yards the same way every year for the last decade and they look beautiful.
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    don't lie about your insurance and amount of coverage!

    There's a local pharmacy around here that had to end up replacing 6 windshields when some genius decided to take a ride through the rock bed with the mower and PTO engaged. Come to find out Joe Bob's blow and go wasn't as legit as they appeared. The pharmacy had to end up eating crow and Joe Bob was probably out of a $699 craftsman special.
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    Thats all kinds of special.
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    Walk in the office, fart and make a comment about how it smells like what you ate of breakfast, sit on the receptionist's desk and play around with her stuff such as pens and paper clips she has on her desk, ask to speak to the owner, don't waste your time with managers or supervisors, owners only and please and thank you, scratch your balls, lift your leg and fart again, bend way down over front of desk to see if you can peek up skirt the receptionist, if anyone walks in or out say "Yo whassup bro" (sis for females) and hi-five and lo-down them, scratch your balls, walk outside, grab a cigarette, light it and walk back inside, smoke while sitting on the receptionist's desk, lift your shirt and pick the lint out of your bellybutton, eat it, and so on...
    You get the idea.

    Do that and you, sir, will get the attention you have always deserved.
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    Damn, I guess I won't quit my day job
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    Don't forget to keep lots of cold beer in the cooler on the back of the truck. You should also make sure that all large beer and whiskey bottles have a brown paper bag over them so others will have no clue as to what it is you are consuming!

    Also, if you are doing a large complex, make sure some of your guys find an isolated location and plant some pot seeds. This will help to supplement their income and they will work harder and be happier. They can weed and feed it each week when they cut the grass :hammerhead: (This actually happened to an LCO in AL a few years back, LMAO!)
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    no one wants to see those big ruts! So we had to re grade the lawns.

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