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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stephenslawncare, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. stephenslawncare

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    around here, the yards are growing so fast that even weekly cutting is not enough and was wondering if any of you had tips on keeping the grass from clumping because i am on a tight schedule and double cutting is time comsuming and so is blowing out the clumps.
    currently i am

    scraping out the deck daily
    keeping my blades sharp
    raising the discharge chute for better discharge

    Bagging is not an option. Would a blocker over the discharge hole help or would that turn it into a mulch mower and clogg up the deck??? any opinions are greatly appreciated

    Are there special blades that would help???
  2. Lawnut101

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    I don't know, maybe try Gator blades or charge people more for cleanup. I've heard the Gator blades are good. They have a serrated edge on top.
  3. causalitist

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    personally, ive found that gators/mulching blades make it worse. they chop so much so it sticks together more.
  4. firelwn

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    I like the gators. High lift and the thicker blade seem to work the best, for me that is. I only cut twice and after that they have issues. I had one customer that her Sod floated 'literaly' cause she watered so much Had to quadrupal cut just to make it look decent. I asked her many times to water three times a week. Needless to say she quit, but she has called me every year for 3 years to come back. I say Aaa no way. Maybe just talk to your customers.. My 2 cents..
  5. I've been using double blades on my WB. Gators on the top and high lifts on the bottom.
    You should have plenty of power to use such a set up.
    It really chops up the clippings and blows them out so hard they disperse well.
    Of course then you're faced with blowing clippings out of the beds, the street, off of cars, the side of the house. Plus if you hit anything it becomes a missile so keep your eyes pealed.

  6. supercuts

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    i think the gators make it worse too, its tighter balls of clumps that are difficult to blow out with a backpack and doesnt work cutting on the second time. my proposals say we may be there more than once a week at our discression in times of heavy and quick growth. if its growing that quick, mow it quicker and charge another cut. lift the deck higher too.
  7. chuck bow

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    What works for me/us is all decks are running a high lift blade on discharge side and 2 standard lifts on the other 2 . Be adviced stay away from cars and houses because it can cause a mess but not near as much trouble with clumping and dispersal is great
  8. rodfather

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    Make your cut as you would normally. Go back over the clumps a second time with your deck raised at least 1/2" higher or at transport level...end of clumps and it's about the quickest way to disperse them.

    BUCKEYE MOWING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I am with sense walking around with a blower trying to get rid of them ....
  10. rodfather

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    Exactly, Gator type blades are horrible on wet grass. On the fast growing props that get fert and maybe irrigated, they go on a 5 day rotation in heavy growth season. Either that or someone else can do the job.

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