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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnwizards, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. lawnwizards

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    mine would be to wear long t-shirts. i know, it sounds like it would get hot but its actually the complete opposite. another thing, it keeps you less exposed to the sun and its harmful rays. anyone else got any tips?

  2. SangerLawn

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    Keep a wet towel around your neck. It will help cool the blood that runs through your main artery in your neck cooling the rest of your body.

    Also…do not mow around hornets nests :nono:…send your employees for that job :drinkup:
  3. Danscapes

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    Always wear a belt, and a good pair of pruners in the holster. A good pair of pruners is any lawn jockey/landscapers best friend.
  4. 1993lx172

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    When it starts getting hotter stay away from soft drinks, energy drinks, and limit your intake of sports drinks. Water, iced tea, and fruit juices are a better choice for keeping yourself hydrated. When I was in marching band we were told that for every bottle of Gatorade, drink two of water and it worked.

    Start earlier in the day and take a break for lunch during the hottest part of the day inside so that you and your guys can get a chance to cool off.

    Always wear a hat or a bandanna, try ear plugs instead of the "ear muff" type.


    Pace your self on hot days.

    That's all I got anyone else want to chime in?
  5. JB1

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    get cash anytime you can.
  6. Darryl G

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  7. ProcsLC

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    Dog treats in the truck... I think you can figure out why.

    Burn Spray: sun burns, muffler burns, bee stings... Keep a can in the truck, some people are just prone to getting burnt and always find a way to do it.

    basic tool kit and basic first aid kit... Always keep them on hand. Also, keep some kind of "who to contact" sheet in your vehicle, if your ever in a wreck (hope not) and are unresponsive people who find you will know what to do... List allergies, meds, who to call if found dead etc....

    Business cards, sounds simple...but you would be amazed at how many people dont remember to do this.

    Extra T-shirt or work shirt, for when "something" happens to the one your wearing and your about to go give an estimate to a new potential customer... Gotta look good on that first impression.

    Thats all I got for now.
  8. exmarksthespot

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    About the t-shirts...

    They don't look very cool (in terms of temperature or fashion) but Dickie's work shirts and pants that you can buy at Wal-Mart are very comfortable, very durable and look professional I think. I buy a few sets every season and they work great for me. YMMV.
  9. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    Use a good accounting program and know your cost to operate before you bid the 1st job.
    Don't borrow $$$$, but if you do, pay it back within 6mo., that is if you want to be around for next season.
    view your P&L every week.

  10. IN2MOWN

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    For being outside in the summer I would recommend sunglasses, a 5 gallon water cooler constantly filled with ice and water, a nice tool kit, and a first aid kit.

    Inside...a good routing/scheduling program and a good accountant.

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