Tips for removing shrubs/bushes

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by tallmike, May 25, 2013.

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    Yeah, I can fit one back there, it's got room for RV parking on the side I took the pics from, so I can drive it in there. The master plan is to put in a pool that takes up part of the bottom of the hill and part of the grass. Install steps from the left that go up the hill, gazebo/fire pit at the top, slide down to the pool, then put tropical plants in between with palms around the edges. Not expecting that to happen for some years, though, so I'm just taking my time with getting these out. I can use the exercise, so I figure what better way then to manually bust my ass getting these out over time.
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    If I had to do it by hand I think a sharp pruner and equally sharp shovel would be the way to go. It will take forever though. Since you have access I'd look into getting someone with a bobcat and flail to knock it down. The blade on the brush cutter with a loop handle works fine for me. Take it slow, stand on the down hill side of the work. The saw wants to pull the tool away from you. Never cut on the right side of the blade. I don't see a chain saw or pole saw lasting very long that close to the ground.

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