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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stephen, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. Stephen

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    I have never really installed any sod except for maybe a piece or two and am looking for instructions for installation of sod on a yard. Possible future work at a new construction site. It could lead to many installs in this development I have been working in. I am located in NY, zone 4 or 5 for planting, if it makes any difference. Any advice for start to finish on a new yard installation with sod. I know it depends on your market but what do you guys charge?


  2. thelawnguy

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    For large areas they sell the sod in rolls 3 or 4 feet wide by "many" feet long, its laid out by a tractor with special attachment.

    I cant imagine doing a lawn larger than say 10k feet by the 9 sq ft piece method.

    Whatever method you use, a smooth base is essential, well compacted also, as any deviations will show up in the finished job. Also any stones will show thru, and any soft spots will show depressions after watering in.

    maybe guys who do sod regularly can fill in the blanks?
  3. pcs

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    Green side up!!
  4. paul

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    check the landscape forum
  5. thelawnguy

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    OK here are some prices from my neck of the woods-picked up my price list today as well as 200 sq ft of fresh "test-run" pre-season sod (ten bucks cash for all I wanted; I took it all! lol easy fix for that plow damage)

    Cost of Bluegrass/fescue/rye blend sod varies from .29 sq ft delivered (under 2k) to .225 sq ft delivered over 10k. Slightly less cash and carry- .22 sq over 500 sq ft .24 under.

    The sod farm has a rollout service-they will lay out the sod for you by the roll, on your prepped surface, you just align and finish. They get .10 per sq under 4k, and a sliding scale, down to .02 on quantities over 10k. You get up to 2 hours of the drivers time once the sod is unloaded for that price; 25 per 1/2 hour over that.

    The rolls come in 2 ft x 100 ft, and 4 ft x 100 ft pieces. The installer machine for 2 ft rolls rents 250/day, 4 ft roll unit rents 300/day.

    Hope this helps some.
  6. Stephen

    Stephen LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the pricing costs
  7. JML

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    i have a question for guys that do a lot of sodding. when you get the pallets delivered about how are apart do you spread them out? thanks
  8. Fantasy Lawns

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    our pallets cover approx 400 sq ft (20x20) area depending on area ....size & shape ....gotta work from there
  9. Stephen

    Stephen LawnSite Member
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    Do most of you guys install sod by hand, or do you use a machine for installation? Do they make a sod roller/installation tool for the front of a skid steer or tractor?

    thanks guys,
  10. grade

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    if you purchase the sod in sections it comes from a truck with a forklift of some sort kinda like what home depot has on the back of their trucks and they roll out those sections like carpet one continues roll

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