Tips for successful troubleshooting:


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Tips for successful troubleshooting:

Keep it simple! Always check the easier things first, working towards the more complex!

Never assume that a system or component is working properly. Verify it!

Check only one area at a time and don't move on to something else until you've eliminated the system or component as the cause for your problem.

If you become frustrated, take a breather and walk away from the problem for a while. Don't allow your emotion to control your logic.

When in doubt, always refer to the proper repair instruction manuals for information and guidance.Tips for successful troubleshooting:


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Yes, always look for simple/basic troubleshooting procedures.

I was trying to start my backpack blower up the other day and it wouldn't start.

I was pissed off, shocked and in dismay. I filled it up with 50/50 gas, I was certain.. I kept pushing the tube in to fill it with gas.. tried for 10mins..

I then said FREAKIN HELL!

I looked at the machine and said, oh damn! the spark plug wire came off, I think it might help plugging that back in and starting it.

BOOM, it starts up..


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Originally posted by hole in one lco
Don't forget to put the on switch in the on position.
Yes I am guilty of doing that too many times. Or having the blade engaged


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hmmm, that may have been my point. thanks for lookin out though:D


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I read right over it Charlies. If you hadn't of pointed it out, I wouldn't have cought it. I knew what you meant (and cmurphy128, too) (wish I could use 50:1 ..but this bent shaft homelite I traded my Shinds. for uses 32:1)