Tips for writing strong classified ads

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Team Gopher, Apr 30, 2004.

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    We often see discussions on placing classified ads in local papers to attract business. Here is an article that discusses how to make a powerful ad.

    Read the full article here. This site includes sample ad designs.

    "Rule #1 The headline of your ad must catch the reader's attention instantly. Surfers scan ads at near the speed of light and your ad is competing with a lot of other ads and information for their attention. The headline of your ad must bring that surfer to a screeching halt.
    Rule #2 The body of your ad must not only hold the reader's attention- it should get the reader excited about your product or service. You want your visitors eager and ready buy your product or service before they reach your site.
    Rule #3 The ad must target potential customers for your product or service. What's called a blind ad may draw a lot of visitors to your site, but few will buy, and we are looking for buyers, not "tire kickers." Right? "
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    Thanks, Team Gopher.

    Good article!
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    Hi SMLavin,

    Glad that it was usefule.

    Here are some example of strong classified ad designs from the book "The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook."

    Fast, efficient electrical work. Certified electricians with references. FREE estimates. Call 555-5656. All work fully guaranteed.

    and another

    Need A Stretch Limo In 25 Minutes? Guaranteed. Carnegie Limo 555-5656.

    In only two lines this ad conveys a benefit and guarantee.

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