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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I take my sun glass off at the door, either up on my forehead or down on my shirt collar.

    But I usually put them back on when walking through the system.
    If someone told me to take them off I would, I would say "It's pretty bright where we are standing, can we move?"

    Now if it's a hot girl or mom and I'm explaining something... Hmmmm I don't even think I blink when looking
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    Most of my clients use e-mail, especially the retired ones. They have found that e-mail is an easy way to stay in contact with distant family and friends. I send out a thank you e-mail after service calls and estimates. But you can tell when a person doesn't use e-mail. For the client without e-mail I have a postcard that I slip in the mail. Glossy picture with our logo and services listed. Cost next to nothing.

    I also have a "form" on our website people use all the time to contact us for services. I was surprised how many people inquire for a quote through our website.
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    I really think we should keep this thread alive and eventually start a compendium of all tips as a sticky with out any feedback/ comments so that everyone can see useful tips.

    So I'll start

    When digging a hole for a repair ( such as a pipe repair) It's always better to find a spot where you know ( and hope) the pipe is not there and dig further down a couple inches. Then you can sluff the remaining dirt in the area into your deeper hole to clean/ dig out the rest of the sensitive area

    This serves a couple purposes:

    *Less likely to brake the pipe again with your shovel in the surrounding area, such as a Mainline directly underneath the lateral that you are repairing which you are unaware of until you hit it

    *Better access to your pipe brake, just because you found your pipe doesn't mean it's repaired, you must always dig below it to have clearance between the pipe an dirt ( At least 1-2" so you can get your glue dobber all the way around the pipe)

    *This also allows any unwanted water to collect here first making pumping the water out ( If necessary) much easier and allows a starting point

    Spending one - Three Min extra clearing out your area from an already "adequate" space can go a long way which may save time in the long run

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    One more attempt to keep this thread going.................

    Where you have a need for a sleeve under sidewalk, etc. and there is not one, try this:

    If you do not want to make a mess "washing" a sleeve, try driving a piece of schedule 40 underneath with a large hammer. DRIVE THE BELL-END first since it is larger in diameter than the rest of the pipe and will make a hole slightly larger than the pipe itself. This will keep it free from suction on the pipe.Only drive it a few inches at the time. Pull it out and clean out the dirt with a pipe that will fit inside the pipe that you are driving.

    I know this will not work in a lot of areas where the dirt is really hard and rocky but there are lots of areas around the country where it will work.


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    shop vac works great for everything from cleaning out valve boxes to walks and curbs, always have groundcloth to empty vac and assemble on (i use painters canvas as it's washable, store able and inexpensive. ridgid makes an 18/24 volt cordless wet/dry vac that works great when there's no power. gorilla makes a clear pvc glue i've had good luck with (odorless for confined spaces).
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    by the way, in tight spots and real rocky ground, cut 8 or so in. off the bell end of 1-1/2" pvc pipe, insert 1-1/2x1" bush red in the bell insert other end into vac hose. dry fit only short piece 1" into the bush and have a supercharger for your vac, it acts as a screen for the vac hose to keep clogger size rocks out of the system. filter in if dry -out if wet. wet works great in valve boxes and 1" pipe nozzle won't destroy the wires.
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    We fabricated a wheelbarrow for the installation trailer that has wooden compartments on top, use it to put the parts in for installs. It is kind of a fun challenge to try and get everything in the wheelbarrow to bring into the field without having to go back to the trailer for parts.

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