tips on starting a lawn care business

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by C & C Landscaping, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. jrs.landscaping

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    After you come up with a business plan, develop a replacement plan for trucks/equipment and set money aside for that purpose.
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    Buy good commercial equipment - mowers and handhelds
    Start off with used mowers to keep start up costs low and overhead low
    Save money for better equipment once you start
    Do your own repairs on equipment - rather than taking it to the dealer
    Keep little or no debt if possible
    Price jobs correctly with your local rates - don't lowball
    Do quality work - take the extra time if needed to get the job done right
    Treat the customers the way you would like to be treated
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    Every bit of what he said.
  4. Armsden&Son

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    If you have some experience with landscaping, find a company in your area that you respect and that you know is succesful. It may be because of how great they keep their accounts or it might just be because they sponsor a local youth hockey program.. Either way, find the owner and tell him you are starting a company. Tell him you admire his company and would be honored if he would serve as a mentor for you. If you do not have any experience however, work for another company!!!!!!! You will be getting paid(this is good) and you will also be training for your own company... You can see what works and what doesn't. How to treat clients. This is a really great way to break into the industry.
  5. C & C Landscaping

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    haven't had a chance to get on here recently, but i have 6 weekly accounts so far. i have a 1995 48 JD walk behind, echo and stihl hand helds. hope everyone is having a good season
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    Read the Thread Tips do's and don'ts for the new guy. If you haven't already. Best 50 plus pages a new guy can read. Btw nice name. I almost went with it also. Nice starter package you got there. Good luck!!
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    just don't forget to come back here and post a thread about how you hate your 6 figure job with bennies. :drinkup:


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