Tips or Programs on how to manage a largish amount of Fert / Application accounts…?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Exact Rototilling, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    I'm a detail / tech person but NOT so great in the aspects of managing the Ebb and flow. The mowing model and application model have their conflicts due to weather.

    In years past on here it has been said, "work for a big national Application Co. to learn". [Too late now] There are a number of you on Lawnsite who have learned to ropes on how to efficiently flow and schedule your programs.

    I have been fairly successful in gaining full control of applications for accounts I mow. For 2015 I’m shooting for close to 98% or I don’t mow for them. As time goes on I want to phase out of mowing unless it is very profitable and worth it for time spent. I typically double cut [when mulching] and double edge. I’m a recovering perfectionist so mowing is not all that great of a money maker for me...for the time spent. :rolleyes:

    I see no real future in the mowing model in my market. But I do see a future in being a lawn applications aeration Co. with a minor in some mowings.

    Any help in this would be great. Feel free to PM me as well. :waving:
  2. grandview (2006)

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    Not sure what you mean? Routing,billing, estimating?
  3. Exact Rototilling

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    All the above. For better for me when the entire package is bundled and flat rated on a monthly basis. This helps reduce the clients who want to pick apart the program or cancel due to cost when September rolls around thus ...causing the lawn to suffer and my accounts no longer out shine my competition. I am not a mass appeal Co. If the client can't follow proper cultural and maintenance guidelines... I really don't want them as clients.
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    What software do you use? things got easier when i switched to service autopilot. The package scheduling they have really took the headache out of scheduling the different programs i have.

    What do you do when a customer doesn't follow the maintenance guidlines? I've still been trying to phase out mowing myself.. I'm ready to ghost ride my mowers off a cliff to be honest! lol. I can't really keep lawn app customers on the service to save my life.. mostly for the same reasons you mentioned. I have customers ready to jump ship after 2 or 3 applications because they think that should be enough.. And they don't feel like they should have to mow or water regularly because "there neighbor don't... and they don't have weeds"
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    I totally hear you. My program is easier to enforce when I actually mow the account and I set the mowing height and have direct access to water timer. It does involve a fair amount of client pep talks and hand holding on the watering. Some clients are easier to train than others. I admit it is fairly frustrating. Kind of like being a personal trainer and your client thinks proper diet for a week or 2 and a few times a month at the gym will make them an IronMan.

    Some accounts are prepay, some I bill manually, the remainder pay each time I show up or on a regular basis.

    Sounds like service auto pilot is the route to go unless I can get most if not all on monthly flat rate of lump sum prepay.
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  6. cwc257

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    I would be careful when thinking about dropping mowing customers. I realize mowing doesn't make the most money, but how many of your current customers have you spray and fert because you also mow their lawn or vise versa. We get a great deal of maintenance work from our mowing customers. I would think it would be hard to drop a recurring service, that I would assume, you started your business based upon and not lose valuable customers.

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