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Tips to prepare for Tax time


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Someone, ANYONE please post some tips on how you organize all this tax paperwork.

What filing system do you use throughout the year?



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I use quickbooks pro for the business. I made groups for every expense I have. My accountant has helped me with this. As I purchase something, I write on ticket what the expense was, and then enter them into quickbooks. At the end of the year, I make the reports of the purchases that I have made. I make a master report of all expenses for him, and he does the taxes. My wife has also helped me in filing the mass of reciepts in a storage box with seperate holders.

I used to do it with quicken too and did it the same way, seperate groups for all the expenses, then made reports.

For the mileage on the vehicle, I have a palm pilot, and use a mileage program, just enter the start and end miles, a reason for the miles, and if they were business or personal miles. The program totals the miles seperate automaticaly. Before I got this I used a notebook and made four columns.
Start End Total Bus. or Personal. Total them all and they are done. I must say the program on the palm pilot has saved me a ton of time figuring the total miles.

It never does get any easier, though, I still dread doing all the reports and stuff when it is time.


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I use a large excell file for monthly and anual calculations. with enough time and pateince you can get excell to do just about anything