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  1. serenitylawnandlandscape

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    does anyone have any cool tips/tricks for anything ex. improving system, saving money awesome apps, equipment that they couldnt imagine doing anything without or something you do that sets you apart from other companies

    for instance:
    -Stencil all equipment with logo and phone number
    -use route optimizer
    -google apps for business is amazing
    -putting stickers in sprinkler boxes with company name and phone
  2. GrassGuerilla

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    Have your trimmer guy keep a spare load of trimmer line in his pocket. Turn it into a morale booster. After asking them to have It ready, offer $5 for producing it on demand. Randomly ask your guys to produce the line from their pocket. Before long everybody will have some string "just in case".

    Ever notice that somehow trimmers only run out of line at the furthest point possible from the truck? This will improve production. You'll give away a stack of $5 bills, but it will more than come back to you.
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  3. serenitylawnandlandscape

    serenitylawnandlandscape LawnSite Member
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    Thank you that helps alot i will do that for everything paperwork gas stuf
    thanks for the tip!
  4. Horizon Jay

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    Thats a great idea! Very nice!
  5. GrassGuerilla

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    Your welcome. It's surprising how much energy a few $5 will inject in a hot "burned out" crew. Only caveat ill offer is to pop one on the guys first thing in the morning after a week or two. Chances are they will have a couple rolls of line at home next to the laundry basket. Catch them getting out of their cars once or twice and pay up if they can produce. It amazing how much time we were wasting walking back to the truck for reloads.

    Also, It should be common sense, (but doesn't seem to be) have your guys refill their handhelds before starting any job. If it has half a tank or less, top it off. It helps save both production and wear and tear. Where is the lube in a 2-stroke? What happens when you run (an already very lean running engine) out of lube while its hot?
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    provide the crews with random drinks, Gatorade. Monster, etc (I'm talking about keeping a cooler on the truck, I mean YOU bring bottles to the crew randomly) Ice Cream works good too. and it keeps morale up.
    Invest In a Fuel tank at your shop..It will be a investment But it will save time in the long term, Mandate trucks/equip. gets fueled at the end of day. *(I hate everyone mingling in the am)
    Have a meeting every Mon.Am even if its for 5 min. Be positive even on a negative issue, Have a open mic style meeting at least weekly. IMO

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