Tire marks when turning

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jimmykubish, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Jimmykubish

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    well pratice makes prefect then! too bad i cant practice when its 10 degrres up here... summer needs to come! im in the snow business too and we have had 2 snows this year worth doing any snow removal... sucks!! :dizzy:
  2. mtmower

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    He said he just installed new tires as well. New tread always makes it tough. I run my tires as close to bald as I can while making sure I have safe traction. Also the type of grass, dirt, location, as mentioned before plays a major part. Practice, practice, practice.... and go slow keeping both wheels moving at ALL times. Definite divots when pivoting on one stopped wheel. Hang in there.
  3. roeslandscaping

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    Just raise your deck, turn your blades off, and when you get to where you want it done, lower the deck, turn the blades on, and repete the steps for a few weeks. I try to pull in to where i start from a stripe so there are no stray tire marks.Good Luck!
  4. Creative Cuts

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    i don't have a problem unless it's wet. U just have to make sure both tires are moving at the same time.
  5. Misterbluesky

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    As others have said adding weight won't help and may in fact make it worse. Lower tire pressure, slow down, alternate direction, and what he said. Practice makes perfect. Or a least better.

    GRASSMONKEYS LawnSite Member
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    I had a 36" Bobcat Fast Cat, it did the same thing. I went to a dealer he said it was a common problem with the model becsause of the tire size, they are very narrow and tend to dig in a lot easier then a wider lower profiile tire. Creeping when turning defeats the purpose of having a zero turn in the first place. Happy with my Exmark now. Point is I noticed you had a 38" deck and it may be attributed to the same issue.
  7. JimQ

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    I am assuming you've got one of these...

    Husq CZ.jpg


    If so, I hate to be the one to give you the news, but...

    In my opinion, they are the worst handling machine Husqvarna ever built. The fore / aft weight distribution is totally screwed up. They are very front heavy. Traction at the rear wheels is poor. It gets REALLY bad when it's wet and on hills. The small diameter of the rear tire also contributes. Because of the small diameter, there is a ton of torque and the tires break loose from the turf easily. The rear tire profile also sucks. It's rounded/crowned. Not flat/square like a good Turf Master. I know you said you put on a new set of Turf Savers but they are not a very aggressive tire. Poor traction. Cheap steering dampers also contribute. There are just a ton things working against you.

    Contrary to what some have said, adding weight to the back of this machine will help your issue. You can also drop the pressure in the rear tires to around 10PSI.

    You might also consider changing out the front caster tires to a set with a more round profile. The factory caster tires have a very square edge. With the square edge of the tire and the weight of the machine biased towards the front, they definitely tear up the turf!


    Husq CZ.jpg
  8. scotts lawn care

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    Running a zero turn mower is a skill that will take time to be good at. We all were in your position at first, but like most things if you are doing something every day - you will improve. I always do a y turn/3 point turn when i mow. And each week i will change my mow pattern to stripe a property different. This way the lawns look like a baseball field- very professional.
  9. clydebusa

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    I run exmark 72"s which can be heavy and sometimes during the spring you just cant make a zero turn, you must arc it to keep from tearing up the grass.

    I have seen some small toro homeowners ZTR's do what you say and just tear up the yard. Don't know why.
  10. clydebusa

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    Well I didn't notice your posting when I posted. Problem the same issue with the TORO home depoot version. Which my father n law has and tears up his yard of fescue.

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