Tire pressure ztr - revisited

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RobertCT, Apr 2, 2005.

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    I read the earlier post on ZTR tire pressure with interest. As a follow up, I understand if one of the rear tires is slightly larger in diameter than the other, it can cause the ZTR to pull to the right or to the left while trying to go straight. My dealer said you must measure & keep the tire circumference equal, which is not always the same as equal tire pressure and could mean a pound or two difference in each tire.

    Any comments?
  2. captken

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    Keep it simple, Stupid.

    Are you road racing or mowing? This thread sux!
  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Dealers name would not happen to be Rich would it? If so god help you because when you do have something go wrong I know he won't.
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    I suppose maybe the tire circumference would matter if you had two different size tires on the back. If you have the same size tires and the air pressure is the same, then its not going to affect much.

    Even if the tires and air pressure are all engineered with delicate instruments, other factors affect direction of the mower just as much. If your mowing on an incline where your leaning to the left or the right it affects direction.

    I find that I'm constantly adjusting the levers to keep me going strait, no matter what the condition of the mower.
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    :confused: :confused: :confused

    I read with disinterest, your post last night.

    Just a question, are the rear tires, identical?

    Tire circumferences vary within a tire manufactures model lineup even if they are rated the same numerically. For example, a Carlisle 23X9.50-12 Turf Master is not the same as a Carlisle 23X9.50-12 Turf Saver. They do not equal when you stand them up side by side. One tire is taller than the other. If they are mixed on your mower, In addition to an uneven cut, it will cause the machine to pull to one side. I would not suggest that you compensate mixing tires with altering the tire pressure :dizzy:
    Assuming that they are the same identical tires, running
    equal air pressures, side to side, you should get an even cut. :dizzy:duh?

    If your mower pulls, assuming the above has been checked, you need to adjust the tracking of your machine.
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    I'm reading your attitude with disinterest.

    Why bother posting?
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    Hey dude, I'm just being honest. That's how I felt...I was tired after working all day, trying to catch up, and after reading this post...I thought trivial and in as many words said it sux!

    I had a change of heart this morning...when I re read it, and tried to respond in a positive professional manner by taking the time to go into my shop to look at a Turf Master and a Turf Saver tire, side by side, same numbers....

    What have you contributed? Nothing....

    If you are offended, that's your problem. :p :cry: BTW, have you figured it out for what air pressure to run in your mower?lolololo.... :help: You were asking for advise on that topic....let's see, oh...day before yesterday...!


    kenny :angel:
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  9. CWG

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    I knew you'd get it right eventually. Yes, I did figure it out. Thanks for asking. Not too hard really. Just something else to talk about before season kicks in.

    I see, so you can "be honest" and I cant?
    Your response sucked. Hows that captain ken?

    By the way, your posts dont offend me. Just pointing out the obvious.
  10. Runner

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    Just measure the circumference and you'll be right on (providing you have the same tires on each side. You don't go by pressure, because every tire is different..even if they are identical. If you end up with one tire a litle lower in pressure to the other to match the circumference, believe me, you are NOT going to feel the difference. lol

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