Tire problem on 717

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Nov 8, 2009.

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    I was greeted this morning to a flat tire on my 717. Of course it was not a small hole, was a two inch gash where a piece of mesh on the gate was sticking up and ripped it when I loaded up last night.

    Oh great, its Sunday, and nothing is open except wally world and tractor supply. I take tire off mower and go to wally world. They looked at it and said it could not be fixed and they had no tire that size. I then went to tractor supply and they had one. My tire is a turf master 23 x 9.5-12NHS and the only one they had was a hi run 23 x 9.5-12NHS and was told it would work.

    Take it back to wally work and have it installed on the rim since TS does not do that. I looked at the tire and the new one looked smaller to me but was told it was not. Get home and put in on mower and the mower leans slightly on the side of the new tire. I measured the distance from the bottom of tire to the top and the new one shows almost and inch lower than the turf master.

    BTW, don't you love weeks like this? When your repairs are more than you make. Tear up my hedge clippers to the tune of 170 bucks on a 35 dollar job and tear up a tire leaving a 75 dollar yard and the tire was 86.

    Either my eyes are crooked or these two tires that are the same exact size are not the same exact size. Does turf master make theirs different? I know that deere is FAMOUS for making things a tad bigger/smaller so you have to buy from them. I am going to have to use the mower like this as I have to much to do next three days and dealer is 30 miles one way.
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    Different tire manufacturers have different means of measuring tires, Very few if any will be actually the same size between brands. This applies to nearly any kind/type of tire including auto/truck.

    That's why it's best to stick with the same brand if at all possible, In your case run more air in the new tire and less in the old tire. This should help with tracking and un-even cuts.

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    Thanks Restrorob, and I agree about running the same brand. If it had been any day but sunday would have made the trip to dealer and gotten the correct tire. I am going to do that this week and take other tire back to TS and hopefully get a refund.

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