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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mowerman41, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. mowerman41

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    My toro 3000 60" was in my garage I realized that the rear tire on the discharge side was totally flat. I took it off started to fill it with air then sprayed it down with soapy water to find the hole. I plugged it and then began to fill the tire the inside sidewall of the mower was bubbled out in a couple of spots and once i filled the tire all the way up the left side of the tire was bigger than the right side (misshaped). I know I need a new tire but I was curious as to what could have caused this? I'm sure this wouldn't be under warranty of the mower even tho it's only a year old, due to it being a tire. I didn't hit any big bumps or anything so I have no idea what could have caused this?
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    I would love to see a pic of this.....You did fill it to what the OEM manufacture says ? Does it say 'made in china' on it ?
  3. mowerman41

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    Yes filled it to spec I will try to up load a picture tomorrow.
  4. herler

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    Maybe the bubbly water you used wasn't soap but some other caustic rubber-deteriorating chemical you found in the garage?
  5. mowerman41

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    No it was definitely dawn soap and water
  6. Jeff in AL

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    I have seen this several times with Carlisle tires on a specific model, but only with the low profile type tires (thin sidewall). While the equipment OEM rarely will do much if anything on a tire issue unless it is a fairly new unit, your best bet would be to contact the tire manufacturer directly yourself.

    Typically the cause is from either being run under-inflated or an impact to the tire. What happens is either a cord has popped and or the plys of the tire started to seperate from each other.
    The ones I have seen has been a "bubble" ranging from thumb size to golfball sized. The actual "bubble" will be very soft unlike the rest of the sidewall. I have asked the customer's if they had kept up with the tire pressure and naturally, the answer was always YES! However, when I was able to look at the tire myself it was plain as day that outer edges of the tread surface showed much less tread then in the center of the tire which is due to being under-inflated! If there is more wear in the center of the tread area then on the outer edges of the tire then it has been over-inflated.

    Call the tire manufacturer, it never hurts to ask!
  7. herler

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    Yeah, the only time I have ever seen tires bubble is when they were run flat or nearly so and often times it may not take much.
  8. mowerman41

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    Thanks for the input I appreciate it. I will contact the manufacturer. I check my tire pressure every week (I only mower 1 1/2 days a week and they are always were they should be.

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