Tire Ruts

tru cut

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The weather in the northeast has been so wet this year almost all of my lawns have tire ruts. I switch directions every week. 4 different ways try to overlap every 4 weeks.I could go over a lawn once and still leave good ruts or indents that dont come back up. has anyone put on wider tires on?I have a J.D.mid 665w/ 23x10.50 tires


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I've got the same problem on some if my lawns. Some of my commercial customers have sprinkler systems, and insist on running them every day. In July we had over 5" of rain and they still would not shut them off. Some areas are like grass growing on mud. I wouldn't blame the mower!

Grasscape Inc

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Southeast, MI
I hear ya!
Last week we had to pull out one of our riders with the walk -behind. Got that stuck and had to use the truck. Lots of shoveling after that one. Some people have no sense. Come where we work , and often you will see the sprinklers on WHILE it's raining.!!

Acute Cut

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I just "fixed" this problem where i live today. I was subcontracted via a company 200 miles away to do a bank near me. I took the job and have hated it since. MUCK! My push mower sank down to the blades from its HIGHEST setting! I called the other company and told him to kill the sprinklers or we were gone. He said i could do as i wish. I went up and turned them off. They had them set to run EVERY DAY for 45 MINUTES! There is NO drainage anywhere for the water to go. It is in an island of Concrete. I was amazed this guy is even still in business. The owners asked me some questions about the lawn and i told them the truth. It wasnt my fault! hehe.